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7 Steps of Home Renovation by Nu Projects London

Are you buying a new home in London? Are you getting tired of the design in the old one? Whether you are planning a complete home renovation or just a partial one, you have to consider some main steps before starting.

You need to have a clean plan ahead as renovation projects are time-consuming, and thousands of pounds can go down the drain if you are not considerate enough. The team of Nu Projects have collected 7 main stages you can expect when renovating your home.

1. Strip out and removal

The first step of each home renovation project is cleaning out every piece of furniture and fixtures from the interior. This process includes removing wallpapers, floors and floor tiles as well. You have to take the rooms back to the bare studs and flooring to expose any underlying problems that need fixing, such as wiring.

When planning the strip out and removal, you have to consider bringing in a dumpster, depending on the amount of material you have to clear out.

2. Structural work: floors, ceilings, walls

When the interior is cleaned out properly, the real work can start. During structural works, you can make any changes to the floor plan. Think through how you will use the rooms on a daily basis and recreate a layout from a functional standpoint.

3. First fix: Wiring

After the new layout is finalised, wiring can be put into place.

Nu’s tip: If you decide to do the renovation yourself, you should still contact an electrician!

4. Drywalling, plastering

The next step is to put up the drywall. Be considerate; it’s costly to make any changes to the layout after drywalling!

If you are happy with the new floorplan, the plastering process can start.

5. Second fix

After plastering, the second fix can begin:

  • light switches, plug sockets and light fittings will be installed

  • plumbing appliances will be connected, tested and fixed if needed

  • joiners will do their finishing touches on doors and any woodwork