WALLPAPER VS. COLOR: How to choose, from West London luxury interior designer

Undoubtedly, being a luxury interior designer you are faced with a very difficult question, i.e. to use wallpaper or color as the prominent design feature in interior designing. The best thing is sometimes you don’t even need to pick one option.

The crux of designing is incorporating new ideas. So, to design feature walls you can use both. You can paint three walls and use wallpaper on one to make it stand out and make the room livelier. With the advent of technology, designers at Nu Projects can use paintable wallpapers also to give an amazing touch of creativity and personalization.

To decide which of the two amongst wallpaper and paint should be used as a design feature depends on the client. But if you, as a designer, are given the option to pick one, it can be done by looking at the following five parameters.

Deciding Between Wallpaper and Color as a Prominent Design Feature

1. Durability and Selection

There are unlimited colors and varieties of both color and wallpaper. So, selecting a color or design is the easy part. Keep in mind the family lifestyle of the client before deciding which design feature to use. The following table will help make the selection process clearer for designers.

2. Cost

Cost plays a large role in the selection process for designers always work on a budget. Wallpapers generally tend to be on the expensive side. As you will have to take extra installation charges from the client. Moreover, to paint you need a couple of inexpensive instruments.

Upfront cost

3. Installation

Another thing that designers need to keep in mind is the installation or application process. For wallpapers, there are a variety of easy ways which include “paste the wall”, “peel and stick” etc. Even painting is very easy and quick. All you need is a pre-prepped wall and you are good to go. When it comes to installation, designers need to keep in mind the following pros and cons of both.


4. Customisation

If your client wants customization, wallpaper is the best design feature to go for as there is so much to play around with. The patterns, designs, texture, material, finish etc. everything is unique from one wallpaper to the other. So much customization is not possible with color. Sure, you can use multiple colors on a wall, but that’s about it!

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