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Small Places and Home Office: Our 5 Tips to Make It Work

In the past 2 years, home office has abruptly become standard practice at most companies. With employees encouraged to work from home, many of us is struggling to find the perfect spot in our homes.

When the first lockdown hit, people were forced to stay at home and find a place in their bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms for their laptops. As remote working became normal, the misconception that a home office must be in a fully separated study room has started to fade.

Here are our 5 tips on how to turn even the smallest nook into a fully functional office space.

1. For the tiniest space: A shelf

When you have to save all the space in your flat, you can utilise a single shelf to work as your desk. You can rest your laptop on it and use a chair when you need it. Be careful to stabilise the shelf so it won't fall, causing any harm or injuries.

Image credit: Pinterest

2. Separate the office space with different colour

If you use an area of a room as your home office, you can signify its importance by painting the wall to a different colour. You can paint a form or a pattern on the wall behind your desk to make it more playful.

Image credit: Pinterest

3. Unused stairs

If you haven't utilised the space under your stairs yet, it's the time! You can fit a nice little desk and shelves under the stairs, or if the area is awkward, you can get bespoke furniture done to maximise the potentials.

4. Utilise your kitchen cupboards

If you have more cupboards than you actually need, it's time to turn one into your office! Get a comfortable bar stool, remove the shelves from the inside, so you have leg space, and keep the door so you can shoot the door at the end of your office hours.

5. When you need more space: Loft conversion

The attic or loft space is often underutilised, while converting your loft will not only give you an extra room but also increase your London based property value between 10–20%.

Note: You should contact an expert before undertaking a loft conversion project to ensure the new space is secure (the first and second fix and the insulation is done correctly).

When your new loft is done, you can furnish and decorate your new office space as you like!

If you need advice on your home alteration project, don't hesitate to contact our team on 020 7731 6841 or email



  1. You can use a single shelf as a desk to save the most space.

  2. Create the illusion of a separated space by painting the wall to a different colour.

  3. Utilise the space under your stairs.

  4. Use one of your cupboards as a desk by removing the shelves from the inside.

  5. If you need a separate room, convert your loft space.


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