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Property Acquisition: Ultimate Guide

Purchasing a new property and fitting it out to meet your needs and desires sound like a costly investment. However, sourcing and designing a new home can cost less than you'd expect!

By specialising in sourcing "fixer-uppers", Nu Projects London gained vast knowledge on why is it worth it to acquire and modernise a property in London.

If you are looking for a property to buy, read our article to learn what you have to be aware of and how Nu Projects can assist you!

Reduced Stamp Duty: Saving Money

When sourcing an unmodernised property at a low price, stamp duty charges can be reduced upon purchase. Consequently, this saving can be used for refurbishing the property to a high finish.

Feasibility Assessment

When you sign up with Nu Projects London, you can expect complete transparency regarding costs and fees, schedules, plans, proposed layouts and the progress of construction.

We cover up to five feasibility assessments, including proposed plans, high-level costs and the anticipated time frame. This is included within the cost of the retainer.

Purchase Negotiation: Best Terms Provided

When purchasing a new property, it's indispensable to know the market. When you sign up with specialists like Nu, you have a head start. We have purchased over 20 properties in the UK; therefore, we know the market and can negotiate the best terms for you.

Holistic Approach: Find it, design it, develop it

Your project doesn't stop at acquiring a property; finding, buying and developing the property is an extensive process. We at Nu Projects London believe that an all-encompassing approach makes it much simpler.

We provide three services, we can

  1. find,

  2. design

  3. and develop

the property, being the sole point of contact throughout, making the wh