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6 Simple Steps to Dress Your London Home for Xmas

Life is busy and even if you LOVE Christmas, decorating your home takes time and commitment. Last week we talked about ‘Our Top 5 Décor Tips’ to create THE perfect festive spirit in your home, but we take it easy this week!

The festive period can get very stressful, buying presents, cleaning your entire home before the relatives arrive, looking up Xmas recipes to impress your mother-in-law. On top of all this madness, you even have to create a joyful, festive spirit.

Before you go to the nearest shopping centre or you start panic buying online, read our top tips on simple yet tasteful Christmas decorations for your London home.

1. Pick a Festive Scent

Creating a cheerful atmosphere doesn’t stop at the decoration; it can stimulate all of your senses!

Pick a seasonal scent, like cinnamon, orange or pine, that has people feeling at home! The options are endless; seasonal candles, potpourri, scented oils, and the list goes on.

2. Decorate Your Window!

You have probably seen this decoration practice at your local coffee shops during the festive season, but you can easily incorporate it in your décor route; chalk pen!

Draw snowflakes, ornaments, gingerbread houses and Christmas trees on your windows with a white chalk pen. You can find festive patterns on Pinterest.

Illustrations from Pinterest

Quick, easy, cost-efficient, yet eye-catching.

3. Forget Red and Snowmen…

…And accent with metallic! Green goes well with silver, gold or bronze, so place some pine branches on your dinner table and combine them with metallic candles, stars or a metallic deer.

4. Festive Spirit in your Garden

Who said you couldn’t have your own Winter Wonderland?

Illustrations from Pinterest

Decorate the exterior of your home, the bushes and the fence with cold or warm (pick your liking) fairy lights. You can light up the pathway to your entryway to create a really magical feeling for your guest when arriving

5. Wrapped Presents as Decoration

It’s a Christmas tradition that presents go under the tree, but you can try something else this year!

Illustrations from Pinterest

If you have empty boxes in different sizes and some leftover wrappers at home, you can create fake presents and use them as decoration. We recommend keeping it simple and wrapping the boxes in plain brown paper and jazzing it up with a bright red ribbon.

6. Utilize Your Unused Fireplace

Decorating the top of a fireplace with ribbons, pine branches, or holly is a common practice, but what about the rest of the unused space? Our tip is to fill the inside of the fireplace with a pile of presents, decoration or festive candle lighting.

Illustrations from Pinterest


  1. Scent your home to make it more festive.

  2. Decorate your window with white chalk drawings.

  3. Add metallic decoration elements this year.

  4. Use fairy lights to make your garden more magical.

  5. Wrap unused boxes and use them as decoration.

  6. Full your fireplace with candles or presents.


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