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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Last week we talked about the mental benefits of a home refurbishment and why is it important to start a project during the pandemic with its multiply lockdowns. Since COVID hit, we are all looking for new hobbies and distractions from the world, and many of us have started DIY projects, from banana bread baking to home renovation.

With the popularity of short 1-minute long home renovation TikTok videos, it is tempting to go on Amazon and order everything you need for a complete make-over. However, if you are planning a bigger project, before you hop on the bandwagon of DIY projects, you may consider hiring an interior designer. Here are our reasons why:

1. Costly mistakes

Interior designers can help you avoid mistakes that can cost you a fortune. They have a high understanding of room layouts, and they are trained to see what furniture can fit into your interior and how. Interior designers also know the best places to shop for interior items, so you don't have to settle for something you don't really like but was easy to find, designers can source pieces fitting to your personal style. An expert also knows if an item is really worth its price tag, so you don't lose money on something less worth it.

Image credits: Pinterest

2. Future plans

A nicely designed interior is crucial is you are planning to sell your home. When it comes to home listing in London, a sophisticated home design can help boost buyer appeal and set your home above the competition.

Image credit: Landmass London, Campden Hill Garden project

3. Personality, please!

If you look around in your home and don't feel homey, you should start thinking about a refurbishment. Sometimes, our taste can change over time, and the interior you once loved no longer reflects your taste, style, or personality. Interior designers can help to bring out the most of your home, involving you in every aspect of choosing the right colours, furniture and lighting. For example, our design team always considers our clients' taste and opinions to create unique but fitting homes in West London.

Image credits: Pinterest

4. Make it functional

The eye of a designer is trained to see what you can't. They are professionals who know how to utilize every inch of your interior and make it functional yet aesthetically pleasing. When you decide the room's function, the designer can bring the most out of it with the future role in mind. They can pick the lighting and decoration or even design the furniture that fits the function. When it comes to our interior design packages at Nu Projects, we offer bespoke furniture services to provide a truly bespoke and functional design to our clients.

Image credits: Pinterest

5. Advanced knowledge

There is a common misconception that interior designers are only responsible for choosing the right wall colour with matching furniture. Interior designers work closely with architects to design the interior space and have experience within the construction field. Their main purpose is to redesign your home with function and style in mind. They consider floorplans, the shapes of the room and walls, and every inch of your home.

Image credits: Pinterest / Landmass London, mood board for their Kensington project

6 Budget & planning

A designer can keep you on budget and save you time. They have vast experience and connections to find resources for your home. Their job is to know the brands, products and prices, saving your time you would spend on researching.

Image credits: Pinterest

There are many other reasons why hiring an interior designer is the right choice. If you have any other question or you are planning a home renovation project in West London, please feel free to contact our design team. They will answer all of your remaining questions.


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