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Here's how I might be able to help you grow your business


High-level coaching for the design and building industry

Guidance for All Trades

  • Tailored Marketing Strategies for Every Trade: Whether you are an interior designer, architect, builder, electrician, or plumber, my 35 years of experience in the business have equipped me with the knowledge to offer tailored guidance. I understand each trade's unique challenges and opportunities and can help you navigate the complexities of marketing your services effectively in a competitive landscape.

Mindset Shift for Success

  • Cultivating a Successful Mindset: Success in the design or build sectors goes beyond technical skills; it requires a growth, innovation, and resilience mindset. I specialise in helping professionals across all trades shift their mindset to embrace success, encouraging you to think bigger and push beyond traditional boundaries.

Integrated Branding Strategies

  • Aligning Personal and Business Brands: The most impactful branding occurs when your personal and business brands are aligned and amplify each other. I will help you integrate your personal brand with your business branding efforts, ensuring they work together to build credibility and enhance your market presence. This integrated approach attracts your target audience and fosters a stronger connection with them, setting the foundation for sustained business growth.

Innovative Solutions for Standout Results

  • Stand Out with Innovative Solutions: In a crowded market, standing out is key. I provide innovative sales and marketing solutions that highlight the unique value of your services, ensuring you capture and retain the attention of your target audience. From digital marketing strategies to impactful customer engagement techniques, I'll help you set your business apart.

Strategic Partnerships Across the Spectrum

  • Building Strategic Partnerships for Growth: Success is not achieved in isolation. By working with me, you gain more than just a coach; you gain a strategic partner committed to your growth. I believe in the power of collaboration and networking within the design and build industry, and I'll help you forge connections that can lead to new opportunities and business growth.

I encourage you to reach out directly to explore how my one-on-one tailored coaching services can revolutionise your approach to sales, marketing, and branding in the design and build industry. Contact me, Nick Jeffries, to schedule a call to discuss your specific needs and how I can assist in elevating your business to new heights. It’s an opportunity to tailor a strategy that aligns with your goals and addresses the unique challenges of your trade. To get started, simply click here to access the contact form. Fill it out with your details, and I'll be in touch to arrange a convenient time for our conversation. Let's embark on this journey together, crafting a path to success that’s as unique as your business.

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