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Festive Spirit in Your London Home: Our Top 5 Décor Tips

Christmas is here in 2 weeks, and if you haven’t started preparing your home yet, you still have time to get the essentials!

Here are our top tips to get you and your home into a festive spirit without investing too much time and money into your decoration.

1. Bring Out the Textures

Using textures during wintertime adds a cosy hygge feeling to your home, and if you pick the right soft furnishing, you can add festive spirit as well.

Pick rich velvet cushions in forest green combined with metallic colours, hang fluffy beige Christmas socks on your fireplace for a more sophisticated touch.

2. Monotone Colour Theme

If you love Christmas but prefer a more toned-down decoration, we recommend a monotone colour palette. Pick a winter colour such as white, navy blue or dark grey and combine it with greens such as ivy, a branch of pine or holly.

Illustrations from Pinterest

Adding metallic décor pieces can make the design whole.

3. Wreath-up Your Interior

Hanging a festive wreath on the front door is a common practice during the holiday season, but who said you couldn’t use it indoors!

Illustration from Pinterest

Place a simple wreath as the centrepiece of the dinner table, put a large candle in the middle of it to a cosier feel during dinner.

4. Bring Nature in!

You can cheer up your dinner table by putting natural decoration pieces on it, such as real wood, pine cones, eucalyptus or cinnamon sticks.

Illustration from Pinterest.

5. Get Creative with Christmas Cards

If you receive tons of Christmas cards and you don’t want to shove them immediately into one of your drawers, you can get creative!

You can hang them from the ceiling or a door, pin them to a ribbon, and hang them vertically on your fireplace!

At last, our top tip is not to invest too much money into the decoration and try to keep it as simple and authentic as you can! Decorating should be a fun activity you can do with your friends or family!


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