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Brick Wall


Why do you need party wall agreements

Your neighbours must be notified of any building work to be carried out near or on a shared property boundary or party wall. This includes work on an existing structure or party wall and any excavation work near the foundation of their property.  We use Guy Wickett, he is a Party Wall Surveying with over 30 years of construction experience and is a member of The Chartered Institute of Builders (MCIOB) and The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (MFPWS)


Party Wall Notices are served to your neighbours to inform them of your intent to undertake building work. It is ok for you to discuss the project and notice with them before the notice is issued; in some cases, this may help get a fast and agreeable response from them. However, the formal agreement must be in writing. Your neighbours have 14 days to respond once the notice is given.

The next step is a Party Wall Award if your neighbours disagree with the Party Wall Notice. A surveyor assesses the Party Wall or boundary, and supporting documents are prepared to form an award. This is in liaison with neighbouring party wall surveyors.

Either way, your neighbours cannot prevent you from completing building work on your property that is legal and has the relevant approvals; however, they can influence how and when the construction happens. The Party Wall agreement is successful; you can start construction work at this point, given that you have completed all other relevant design phase stages.

If you would like to speak with our party wall surveyor about your project, please fill in the contact form, call 020 7731 6841, email or use the Whatsapp link on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  We will always respond within a few hours, even at the weekends.

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