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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2022

As restrictions are slowly but surely lifted and supply chains are mostly back up, it's a fantastic opportunity for London homeowners to start their postponed home renovation project.

Even though we had a pandemic going on, trends came and shifted, but what is next for 2022 in terms of interior design?

Sustainable Interiors

Not a big surprise hearing this: Green is cool. Using sustainable materials has been one of the trends that have been around and will stay. We advise incorporating eco-friendly options both in the interior and exterior.

Brick, stone, turf, wood. Here we go!

Illustrations from Pinterest

Hygiene is on Demand

The last 2 years taught us a good lesson about personal hygiene and its importance. Or its lack. The construction industry is adjusting to the need for hygiene with bacteria-resistant tiles and respiratory-health-grade air purifiers available.

If you are planning a home renovation, we recommend doing research on making your dream home more hygienic!

After this horrible storm last week, some of you may be thinking about improving your home's structural integrity. These can include the implementation of backup generators and new builds subscribing to hurricane-resistant design standards.

Multifunctionality for the Win!

If your job requires HO days, you may have already incorporated a home office. If you are ahead of a refurbishment, think about designing multifunctional layouts. Furniture factories have also stepped up their game, providing more versatile products.

Kitchen as Social Hub

Everyone loves a lovely BBQ with friends and family, however, our weather was not designed for these outdoor activities. This leads to designs that turn the kitchen into the perfect place for social gatherings. Large kitchen islands with plenty of space are in this year!

Say Goodbye to Contemporary, Say Hello to Feminine!

We are happy to tell you: curves are back! The past years favoured clean, modern lines but 2022 is welcoming back the 70s feel; curved C-shaped sofas, soft-edge tables and the neutral genteel finish.

Illustrations from Pinterest


1. Sustainability is key! Invest in natural materials.

2. Look for more hygienic surfaces.

3. Multifunctional spaces and furniture on demand!

4. The kitchen is the new social hub.

5. More feminine, curved furniture pieces are back.



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