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Investing in London Property - Nu Projects

This week’s blog post is a little different to what we normally post involving some exciting news that we are now able to publish. We have been working together with Chinese investors who wish to invest in London property.

Right now it is the perfect time to invest in the British property market. The word Brexit is a word that people are getting so tired of and it is causing un-certainty in many aspects including property – buying, selling and developing. For investors, it is the time to purchase property in the United Kingdom.

People who want to sell are struggling because no one is buying. For this reason property prices are a lot lower than usual for the London property market. For investors nationally but also internationally it is a great time to invest in property.

In our eye, the undeveloped properties are the goldmine. Buying the worst house on the best street is a good mantra to follow. Our business is construction, both build and design, and we love doing it. We see the potential in property, and it is all about location to us. We have the skills and years of experience to flip a house to a home and get it back on the market and sold with a big profit. We aim to buy and sell within six to eight weeks which if the build runs smoothly has happened majorly on our previous projects. With construction, unknown issues always arise, but this is usual and nu:projects are prepared for this to get projects back on track.

Investing in London property will always be a good thing, and we are able to get hold of some of London’s finest off the market properties for development. Due to ten years in the residential property market, estate agents know #nu and contact us directly when properties arise on the radar. Profit is made on undeveloped properties because we can add value through adding a pod room, a basement, or extending with a side return, there is so much to do with undeveloped property.

Due to everything being in-house, nu:projects’ overheads are low compared to other construction companies that have to source outside of their assemblage. We mainly focus on mid-range to high-end projects in areas like Putney, Fulham, Chelsea and Knightsbridge where the profit is high. However, London is our home and we have projects completed and currently being built all around London.

Investing in London has so many advantages and during this slow time in the market, it makes sense to invest now.

nu:projects, 020 7731 6841

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