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4+1 Reasons Why You Need an Architect in London

Hiring professional help crosses everyone’s mind as soon as they start to plan a home renovation or alteration.

Whether you need to hire an architect or not is depending on the type of project you want to undertake. You are not required by law to hire an architect, but even if it’s not necessary to include an expert, we advise you to do so, and here are 4+1 good reasons why.

Basement conversion in Fulham designed by Nu architects

1. Their Knowledge

Architects are trained to utilise space. They can see the hidden potentials to make the most out of your home. They will provide you with a quality design to maximise the space of your London home.

2. You are Stucked at the Planning Stage

If you want to redo the layout of your property by moving walls, extending the kitchen or adding a basement, and you have no idea how to start it, talk to an architect.

Architects can help give you ideas. They also have vast knowledge and experience in design, planning, and budgets to assist you on every level and ensure that the work is professionally done.

3. Save you Time

Architects can help manage the whole project and they can keep an eye on the builders and coordinate your project to stay on track.

4. Getting Permissions

Architects can not only utilise their knowledge in the field but also help you with Planning Permission. They can handle the planning process, successfully liaising with the local authority. Having the architect handling the planning process can also save you money, as reversing planning refusal can be costly.

If you sign up with Nu Projects, an architect will be assigned to your project to help you not only with planning and design but to obtain these permissions.

+ 1 Nu’s Advice

We recommend getting an architect if the alteration will affect the exterior of your property. If your project involves a

• rear extension

• side extension

• wrap-around extension

• two-storey extension

• loft conversion

• mansard

• pod room

• basement conversion

get in touch with an architect. Their knowledge and experience will give you the security that you are creating a proper addition to your house.

Basement pool in South Kensington designed by Nu architectss

The architectural design is the core of every new build, conversion and extension. If you are planning to undertake any of these alterations on your West London based property, don’t hesitate to book a free site visit with us. Nu Projects of Fulham can assist you on every level, from design through planning and construction. Book a free consultancy on 020 7731 6841 or email


  1. Architects can see the hidden potentials to make the most out of your home

  2. Architects can help give you ideas

  3. Architects can help manage the whole project and they can keep an eye on the builders

  4. Architects can help you with Planning Permission



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