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Victorian Hallway Ideas in London: The Traditional, the Modern, the Large and the Narrow

Victorian houses were built between the period of 1837 and 1901 when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Some people, including the Victorian Society, take 'Victorian Architecture' to include Edwardian as well, which brings this time period up to 1910. House building significantly increased in the Victorian era, leaving a legacy of solidly-built homes across London. We discussed how you could increase the SQ FT of West London Victorian properties (if you missed it, read our blog on Side-return, rear & wrap-around extensions), now let's take a look on one of their defining features and how to form it to your style and make out the most of it.

Victorian houses come in different shapes and sizes, from grand homes to narrow townhouses. If you are blessed with a larger property, you have more space to decorate and form it to your own style. Difficulties come when you have to work with dark and narrow space, especially when it comes to the hallway. We've gathered some examples on how to do-up your Victorian-style hallway.

Stay Traditional

If you are a fan of Victorian features, we advise to emphases those characteristics. Victorian tiles are an original feature, that is not only elegant but will add value to your London property. Besides the tiles, Victorian front doors are also classy and unique with timber joinery and stained glass windows.

Credit: Alexander James

Are you a fan of Art deco? Add an angular, gold furniture piece to juxtaposition the black&white tiles. You will create a timeless elegance, adding a sophisticated atmosphere as soon as you step into your home.

Credit: Jefferson-Smith

If you are a bigger fan of wooden floor, you can choose from a wide range of floors like vinyl, laminate, parquet, solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Credit: Simon Grover / Interior360

Go Modern

Are you not enamoured of traditional or antique? No problem. Focus on creating a neutral colour scheme. Add angular, deep brown wood furniture with beige details. You can change the tiling to more prominent, less patterned pieces. Add a beige, vinyl-coated wallpaper, which gives a character to the wall and juxtaposes the modern, more simple furniture.

Credit: Pinterest

When it is too narrow

When your Victorian hallway is too narrow, you have to keep some things in mind. Narrow spaces can be dark as well, so try to use lighter colours. Go with light walls, less, lighter wooden furniture and pay attention to sufficient lighting. Add a long rug to create a warmer overall effect.

Credit: Indie&Co, Anna Stathaki / Pinterest

When you have more space

When you have more space to work with, you have the advantage to design more freely. You can be less careful with colours and patterns, and you can add more furniture. However, it also has its risk to create a too open, too cold interior. This is the first place you and your guest see from your Victorian home, so you have to be careful about furnishing it.

Credit: Alexander James

Add a seating to break up the large space, choose soft furnishing to create a warmer room. Hang an antique mirror behind the seating or add some artwork.

Credit: Designer Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay, Photographer Lucas-Allen

Choose a large chandelier, to take away from the ceiling height. Put a narrow table next to the door, so you can put your keys there when you arrive home. Decorate it with some lovely plants, a tray or with books.

+1 If you love extraordinary

If you want to make a statement, you can add attention-grabbing furniture or colour to your hallway. Paint your door to a bright colour like yellow to take your mind to a sunny day. If you are tired of beige, choose a coloured runner to your stair and match it with some artwork on the wall. Keep in mind; if you go with bolder interior choices, you have to tune down every other part of the room like walls or furniture. This way, you can make a statement and avoid to create an eclectic, overwhelming interior.

Credit: Pinterest /



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