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Transforming a Victorian Terrace into a Modern Haven: The Old Town Clapham Project by NU Projects

NU Projects served as the design and build contractor for an innovative renovation of a Victorian terrace in Old Town Clapham. The project aimed to transform a dark, compact space into a bright, modern home. The design process involved a thorough initial feasibility study that emphasized fluidity and multi-functional use of space to cater to the client’s lifestyle, which included both entertaining and personal retreats.

Collaboratively, our architectural and interior design teams engaged deeply with the client to align the design with their minimal, modern tastes. This partnership flourished through regular on-site meetings, enabling the evolution of the design to match execution strategies perfectly. A standout feature was the central staircase, conceptualized by Granit and then fabricated on-site by our skilled tradespeople, ensuring a flawless fit and integration into the home.

Material selection was critical, with a strong emphasis on aesthetics and sustainability to meet both design and environmental standards. This project exemplifies NU Projects’ commitment to bespoke solutions and client-centric design. For more details on our process, visit the "Process" tab at NU Projects website and view our comprehensive 12-step process video.


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