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Statement Pieces: West London Interior Designer Guide

A statement piece is usually an eye-catching piece of your interior.

However, incorporating a statement piece into your home is a bold move, so take a look at our previous article in which we give 3 top tips you have to consider when picking a statement piece. This week, we show you the best way to make a statement in your home!

1. Colour

The easiest way to make a statement in your interior is to use colours. You can pick a bold colour as your wall, sofa or piece of furniture. You can paint one of your walls to a darker colour such as navy blue, forest green or even black and pick neutral elements to balance it.

Illustrations are from Pinterest

If you want to add accent pieces, we recommend picking metallic colours that give a nice contrast but won’t turn your interior too chaotic.

You can do the other way around; pick a bright coloured item for a neutral surrounding.

2. Accents

Decoration items like rugs, sculptures, figures can also make a statement. The most significant advantage of statement accents is that these are the most versatile and easily changeable pieces. You can anytime match them to the finished interior.

Statement rug, Illustration from Pinterest

3. Artwork

If your go-to interior style is minimalism or you are a die-hard beige fan, you don’t have to say goodbye to your taste just to make a statement; you can easily make your home pop with unique artwork!

Illustrations are from Pinterest

There are so many unique artworks in London. If you want something extraordinary that you won’t see in someone else’s home, look for local artists!

Check out our wide collection of paintings by Maria Mourgue-Aliaj, a London based French artist. Her abstract metallic paintings give a unique edge to every interior! All of the pieces are available for purchase in our Fulham High Street-based office.

Unique art pieces by Maria Mourgue-Aliaj,

4. Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked in interior design, however, there are so many options to make a statement. Lamps come in so many sizes, shapes, forms or materials, and they can really transform a room just like a piece of jewellery tops an outfit.

Illustrations are from Pinterest

5. Staircase

Form meets function. If you are renovating your home or building a new house, we recommend thinking about making your staircase the centrepiece of your home. It can showcase your taste in design and stylishly connect the different levels in your home.

Illustrations are from Pinterest


  1. The easiest way to make a statement in your interior is to use colours.

  2. Decoration items like rugs, sculptures, figures are the most versatile and easily changeable pieces.

  3. Make your home pop with unique artwork! Purchase special pieces from local artists.

  4. Use lighting as an accessory: complement your interior with statement lighting.

  5. You can mix design with function; make a statement with your staircase!


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