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3 Top Tips Before You Pick a Statement Piece for Your London Home

A statement piece is the heart of a room. It becomes a focal point in your design, drawing the guests' eye from the moment they step into your home. It carries your style, taste and the overall design, so it's essential to pick them carefully.

Statement piece inspiration from Pinterest

But what is a statement piece, and how to pick one for your London interior? Here are Nu Projects 3 top tips that will help you make the decision!

1. What is a Statement Piece?

The term "statement piece" is a common phrase in the fashion industry, but it's been used in most creative industries, including interior design.

Everything bold and outstanding can be a statement piece, and it's not limited to accent items; colours, furniture, artwork, and even lighting can be a focal point in your interior.

The main purpose of a statement piece is to add personality to your space and drag your guests' attention.

Nu's top tip: Don't be afraid to add a statement piece! We recommend adding something that reflects you and adds a personality to your home.

2. What NOT to Do!

First of all, picking a statement piece doesn't mean you have to tone down your interior and go all beige! It doesn't have to be the only bold or exciting factor in your home.

You have to create a stand-alone and harmonious design; the statement piece's job is to add a bit of spice, to be the twist in a glass of Martini.

Don’t try desperately matching your interior! The time of the “all-beige and everything has to match” décor is over, and the world is more open for mismatching homes. If the result works, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

3. …The How to Do it?

Well, don't overdo it. We will get into more detail next week when we bring you some examples of the best statement pieces, but our top tip is not to mix too many different factors. For example, if you paint one of your walls to a very bold colour such as black, navy green or red, you may be careful not to put very define coloured furniture next to that wall but rather harmonise the design with a matching artwork or metallic accents that will juxtaposition the wall colour. The goal is to make a statement not to create chaos! :)

Picking the perfect statement piece requires a lot of thought and research. It's not an impossible task but keep in mind that you will see this item every day. Pick something that makes you happy and feels like home.