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7 Best Tips to Create Scandinavian Sustainability in Your Home Interior

After spending years of effort and time, the Nordics have come up with their own sustainable lifestyle, full of innovation and uniqueness. Having long winters with mostly cold weather, these countries have developed a #sustainable lifestyle to withstand lots of snow and very low temperatures.

The Scandinavian way of interior design and home décor consists of living a life without too much interference of the factors from the outside. People have devised ways and means of living a simple yet comfortable life.

Here are few tips on how you can create a #Scandinavian Sustainability look like an expert.

1.  The Flooring

People living in Scandinavian countries do not cherish wall to wall carpeting in their homes and living spaces. From the very beginning, the Scandinavian lifestyle consists of houses having wooden floors in light colours.

"Scandinavian lifestyle consists of houses having wooden floors in light colours."

2.  Muted Colors

To create a real Nordic look in your home, you should use very light colours, mostly whites, and greys, on your walls and furnishings. These cool-toned shades can be complemented with bright coloured accessories and bold patterns from various Scandinavian artists.