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Top 6 Luxury Basement Conversion Ideas: Builder’s Guide

Basement extensions have been a popular response to the lack of living space for decades in areas like Kensington, Chelsea or Fulham. Getting a conversion done allows property owners to add any new functional room. Many West London residents use this new space to have an extra bedroom for guest, a spacious family room or a bespoke kitchen, but if you are not in a need of these rooms, you can think about more luxurious solutions. Here are Nu Projects’ top tips on high-end basement fit-outs!

1. Pool

The past year has taught us a good lesson about healthcare and wellness. With the temporary closure of wellness centres and the lack of beach holidays, our desire to escape the world and relax has increased. Getting a double-height basement done in West London has multiple benefits; it will allow you to have a basement pool, so you can go for a swim in the comfort of your home and it will increase the resale value of your property.

Image Credit: Rackham Construction / London Design Collective

2. Spa or Steam Rooms

When it comes to comfort, owning a spa is on the top of the list. With the right insulation and technique, you can install saunas, steam rooms or even hot tubs in your West London basement. You can convert a double-height basement and combine a home spa with a basement pool for the ultimate luxurious experience.

Image Credits: Mansion Global / Portrait Pools Twitter

3. Gym

Investing in your health is always beneficial. If you lack the time or are not comfortable with exercising in open gyms, a basement gym is a perfect investment for you. This tailor-made solution allows you to have a private fitness studio in your West London home!

Image Credit: CoolBasements

4. Cinema Room

Rectangular basement rooms have the perfect acoustics for cinema or movie rooms. With the right contractors and THX professionals, you can have a well-performing cinema room starting from 3.5m x 3m. You can find stylish yet comfortable sofas for the most luxurious experience.

Image Credits: Landmass London / Rackham Construction / APT Renovations

5. Hobby Room

If your hobbies include creating music, playing the pool or video gaming, you are familiar with the need for space. You can create a high-end music room or set up a games room in your basement, adding an intimate ambience with led lights or fun decoration items that align with the function of the room.

Image Credits: London Design Collective / Basement Design Studio

6. Party Room

No boring parties here! If you like hosting house parties or having guests over, convert your basement to a party room! Include a basement bar, a pool table, a table football, a dance floor with a top-notch audio system. When it comes to fit-out, aim for a stylish yet intimate interior. Don’t forget to save some space for a bathroom when planning, this will make the new space more functional and comfortable.

Image Credits: PHILIPVILE / Spacecrafting Photography /Basement Conversion Company

Basement conversions have endless options, depending on your needs. Once you have established the purpose of the basement, you can sign up with a basement contractor to start your project. If you are looking for a West London based construction company to give you a quote, don’t hesitate to contact Nu Projects. You can book a site visit by calling 020 7731 6841 or emailing


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