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Interior Design Project Knightsbridge - By #NU Cochrane.

In the heart of Knightsbridge, a stunning transformation has unfolded on Pont Street, courtesy of NU Projects. This blog delves into the intricate journey of renovating a Victorian terrace into a beacon of modern luxury and sophisticated design.

The project began with a clear vision: to merge historical elegance with contemporary aesthetics. The interior design was meticulously planned to enhance the property's classic features while introducing modern elements that speak to both form and function. High ceilings and large windows were key in maximising natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Our design team selected premium materials that not only complement the architectural integrity but also ensure sustainability and durability. Bespoke joinery and custom-designed furniture were central to achieving a personalised touch that aligns with the client's unique tastes.

Technology also played a significant role, integrating state-of-the-art home automation systems that offer both convenience and efficiency. The result is a seamless blend of the property’s historical charm with the luxuries of modern living.

This renovation on Pont Street not only elevated the property itself but also set a new standard for luxury renovations in London's prestigious areas. For more insights into this project, visit our "Projects" section at NU Projects website.


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