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How to Plan Your Home Renovation: Builder's Tips

No matter how big or small your home renovation project is, whether you hire a project manager or you undertake the whole process on your own, there are some things you have to keep in mind.

Nu Projects London gathered some of the most crucial tips and tricks to avoid obstacles and unexpected problems.

Don't take it easy

You have to be very considerate when planning your home renovation.

Invest time and energy in getting to know the team you will work with; the project manager, the builders and contractors. You will have a day-to-day relationship with these professionals, so open and honest communication is essential. Be invested in your project and ask questions right from the get-go.

Keep up with the regular updates, constant communication at each stage of your project.

Pinterest is Your Best Friend

If you have a vision in your mind, prepare with a visual presentation. Gather as many images as possible to help the interior designers, architects and builders understand your goals.

When you sign up with the right company, they can provide you with 3D CGI renders, helping visualise and make changes if necessary.

Problems Can Pop Up Unexpectedly

Even though we recommend planning ahead, communicating, keeping an eye on the project to avoid any issues, the reality is not that easy. Even with the most thorough planning, unexpected problems can occur.

Don't get too upset; try to keep focused and bring out the best of the new situation. Prepare with an extra budget and allow time to get the issues fixed.

Have a Plan

We mean a physical plan! If you are working with a project manager, they likely have a plan mapped out, including project stages, budget and timeframes.

If you don't hire a project manager, we recommend doing a plan; it will keep you on track.

Plan ahead - but be flexible