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4 Last-Minute Halloween Décor Tips

The spooky season is coming to an end, but it's not too late to dress up your home for Halloween weekend.

Even though Halloween is a US tradition, it has become a mainstream celebration in the UK nowadays.

It's an excellent occasion to get out from your regular routes and refresh your home with a themed aesthetic.

1. Start With Accent

The quickest way to add some autumn vibe to your home is by changing the decorations; replace your summer cushion covers or throws to a darker shade or a nice shade of orange if you are bold enough. Changing the bright, calming hues to darker will add that spooky vibe you are looking for.

Good to think ahead, autumn doesn't stop at the end of October; decorate your home with earthy tones and add some candles to make it feel cosier.

2. Say Hello to Metallic

Metallic accents have been around in interior design for a while now, and we have good news, they are staying. You can upcycle your run down, old decorations with metallic paint.

We also recommend redesigning the ornaments you get from shops; add gold, silver, bronze or rose gold finish to pumpkins, skeletons for a premium feel.

Illustrations: Pinteres

3. Work With What You Have

If you want a lasting decoration, you don't have to take down the minute November kicks off, use what you already have.

Illustration: Pinterest

Think strategically and see how you can dress up your existing interior; add some spider web around nooks, change the fresh flowers in the vase into dried ones, add tiny spiders and pumpkins on the dining table.

4. Sustainable Décor

If Halloween is your favourite time of the year and you celebrate it by throwing a big party, shopping second hand will be really cost-efficient for you. Moreover, you can find vintage décor in second-hand shops such as Victorian accessories.

Forget the cheap plastic decorations you can find on the supermarket shelves. Instead, you can obtain fantastic hand-made decorations from Etsy with higher quality; therefore, you can use those next year.

After all, Halloween is a festive time of the year; let your creativity soar and have fun!


  1. Change the decoration to darker shades.

  2. You can add a premium feel to your decoration by adding a metallic finish.

  3. Dress up what you already have: add thematical decoration.

  4. For the best and most cost-efficient décor shop second-hand or look for handmade items.



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