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Basement Conversions in West London: The Whys and the Hows

Last week, we dived into the advantages and disadvantages of starting a loft conversion or home extension project in London, and this week, we'll look at another extension option: basements. Basements are considered as luxury builds, however, every additional inch invested in your West London property worth every penny. Stay tuned and explore all the opportunities a basement conversion offers.

Basement staircase by Nu Projects

If you have limited options for an above ground alteration, creating extra space underneath is your best option. A basement is an ideal solution if you want a separate living area in your home, with its own function and entrance.

With modern techniques and materials, basement conversions have endless opportunities. You can create any kind of room you or your family lack:

  • cinema room

  • kids playroom

  • games room

  • wine cellar and wine tasting room

  • cigar room/walk-in humidor

  • gym, sauna, spa or massage room

  • swimming pool

  • granny and teenage flats

  • bar

  • nightclub dance floor

  • bowling alley

  • music studio

  • car park

Basement gym by Nu Projects

Every basement is different, and the cost can vary significantly depending on many factors. Many elements can raise the price of the project, such as

  • concrete oversite slabs at the ground floor

  • sewer and drain diversion

  • difficult ground conditions, e.g. rock, clay, sand, peat, marsh

  • a high water table

  • access for removing excavated materials

Basement project by Landmass London

There are some things you have to consider before starting a basement project. If your property is located in a prime area such as Chelsea, South Kensington, Belgravia, Mayfair, Fulham etc., where every inch of space is considered a luxury, a conversion will increase the value of your home further. You also need to think about the accessibility of your new basement; does it have its separate entrance, or you can access it from the house. When you sign up with a construction company, discuss the potentials of providing natural light to the underground space with the design team. If you consider these aspects, the end result will be more valuable.

Basement project by Nu Projects

Every West London borough has its own policies and rules. When starting a basement project, you have to be aware of these limitations. Basements also require architectural, structural and technical design. If you are considering a full-on excavation, then you will need planning permission from your local authority. You can obtain all these services and applications easily through a design and build construction company. We at NU Projects are specialised in basement conversion, and we are able to assist you through every stage of your basement project. If you have any more question about basement conversion or want a quote for your project, contact our team.


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