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Home Extension or Loft Conversion: What to choose in London

When a homeowner needs more space, moving is usually what comes to someone’s mind at first. Moving can be very expensive, stressful and emotional; finding a new home quickly that suits everyone’s needs and doesn’t cost a fortune sounds impossible. If you are a property owner in London, there are more cost-efficient ways to get that extra space you need, without saying goodbye to the home you've grew attached to. The most standard upgrades you can go with are loft conversion or house extension, and we are here to help you decide which one is a better fit for your needs.


First of all, you have to think about the function of the new space. If you have decided whether you want more kitchen space or a new master en suite, you can start planning. The loft area is usually dead space, used as storage, waiting to be converted to something functional. If you have a growing family or you need a new office space and don’t want to sacrifice a chunk of your garden, a loft conversion is the best choice for you. Lofts however have certain limits caused by the sloped angle of the roof, therefore not every piece of furniture can be fit into the new room. We advise consulting with an interior designer, who is trained to bring the most out of your room layout.

Loft Conversion project by Nu Projects

There are rules on certain properties when it comes to extensions, however, you can add any room to your property by extending into the garden, even 2-storey extensions by building upwards. You can design and build new rooms without being concerned about pre-built dimensions. If you extend your house into the garden, you will lose outdoor space but you will have more space to accommodate your growing family or have a nice open-plan living space. Before starting to plan any bigger changes to your home you have to consider and consult with your builder about potential planning policies in your area.

Long-term value

In the short run, loft conversions are the cheaper option, if you need one extra bedroom without any specific needs. If you want a more sophisticated and complicated loft design, you will need a bigger budget and you have to expect a higher level of disruption.

In general, home extensions are the more expensive choice, as the process involves constructing new space. However, you can get more creative with extensions, and the real value lies in the finish of the new space. You can design the space and pick furniture more freely to create a high-end finish that will increase the value.

Home Extension inspiration from Pinterest

A basic single-storey home extension is £1,500 to £1,900 per square metre whilst a loft conversion starts at £1,150 to £1,350 per square metre. Note that these are starting figures, the final cost depends on the size, structure and finish of the new space.

Time frame

If you need new some space immediately, a loft conversion is a simpler and quicker option. The time frame of a loft conversion can be completed in 5 to8 weeks, so you have fewer disruption. However, if you are raising the roof or making a structural change to the exterior, planning permission is needed which can expand the timeframe.

Loft conversion inspiration from Pinterest

A home extension takes 10 to 12 weeks on average without design and planning phases of the project which will vary depending on whether you need to apply for planning and other permissions (such as party wall agreement).

What about getting both?

Many homeowners in London decide to complete both a loft conversion and an extension at the same time, even undertaking a home renovation and refurbishment, saving the hassle of multiply separated projects. If you want to maximise the space and value, consider converting your loft space and adding an extension!

Our team at Nu Projects has vast experience in design & build, producing stunning extension and refurbishment projects to a high finish. Therefore, if you are planning to change the layout or the design of your property in West London, get in touch with our team for advice.



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