5 Interior Design Tips and Practices for That Wow Factor, tips from West London interior designer

Our living spaces are meant to tingle our senses, bring delight and pleasure with every experience. But why stop on the subtlety if you can inject an element of surprise.

Nu Projects and Koja Design listed great tips on how to shakeup that dreary spaces and transform them into a whole new level of excitement.

1. Add Quirky and Cool Pieces

A little bit of weird into your interiors can make your interiors pop with originality and life.

"Paintings of busts that have an animal head planted on a human chest or shoulders (...) will surely amp up your interior space."

Paintings of busts that have an animal head planted on a human chest or shoulders, cocoon-like sofas, and chairs, overmantels featuring dried flowers encased in resin, and other unusual décor pieces will surely amp up your interior space.

Get these great finds in bespoke shops that showcase handcrafted furniture and décor.

2. Juxtapose

Contrast is a sure hit in any interior but think of a more exciting juxtaposition of elements that’s unique and out of the norm.

Say strategically placing a bright yellow winged-sofa with black polka dots into a classic French-styled living room. Or, illuminate your bathroom with a large chandelier smack in the middle with cascading golden feathers.

3. Showcase Texture

We are used to playing around with color, form, and illumination, but do you know that texture can effectively elevate the look of your interior as well?

"Three-dimensional wallpapers, stucco concrete walls, mural or stenciled surfaces, and wood panels with staggered thickness."

Start with the walls. If you’re tired with the same old same old color-washed walling, then you’re in for some treat. Three-dimensional wallpapers, stucco concrete walls, mural or stenciled surfaces, and wood panels with staggered thickness. You can even add vertical vegetation on your wall as well.

4. Knockout Floor Transitions

Forget about transition strips, instead why not add flooring materials that seem to move and flow from one room to another ease. Hexagonal concrete floor tiles with gray and white shades meet wood planks is a trendy design, but you can also do other materials such as ceramic tiles and red oak panels.

Not only do they look good but it’s a great way to define areas especially for open plans with living, dining, and kitchen areas.

5. Interplay of Light and Shadows

Make your room dabble with the beauty of lights and shadows. A stunning luminaire may not be enough. Add backlit plates on the face of your kitchen island, install strip lights underneath your stair nosing or invest in self-illuminating furniture such as sofa chairs and tables.

Aside from adding a variety of light sources, make sure to consider color and texture. Remember that the texture changes to the direction and quality of the light and can also be affected by several light sources. This means in diffused light, texture can appear less defined, but a wider area of texture is visible. While indirect light, the texture is very visible but confined in a smaller area.


Having an unexpected interior design makes your interior spaces more exciting and worth experiencing. Though creating a jaw-dropping interior may not be for everyone’s cup of tea, some may want to have a more intimate and personal space. You can either have a beautiful design or have a stunning one.

Get professional advice on your luxury interior design in London, through our experienced designers at Nu Koja. We provide services to both commercial and residential interiors.

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