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2022 Kitchen Trend Predictions

Is never too early to start planning your 2022 home renovation project especially now that the new trends are taking form! The kitchen space is the hub of a home, it's important that it has a balance in function and style.

If you feel the need to redo your kitchen, you came to the right place; here are our top tips on what to expect from 2022's kitchen design trends!

Glazed Tiled Backsplashes Are Back!

Tiled backsplashes have been a popular choice for many and they are coming back in trend for a reason!

Illustration from Pinterest

Glazed tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns and it's easy to clean. Perfect choice!

Clever Lighting Solutions

Energy prices are rising so we highly recommend reinstalling the lightings, especially in your kitchen.

Low-energy bulbs have become very popular in the last couple of years but you can easily optimise your energy spending with task lighting, only turning it on in certain areas when needed.

Partitions and Dividers

Open-plan kitchens are very common in London homes, especially in period homes.

If you want to divide the space into smaller areas but don't want to rearrange the whole layout, using glazed partitions and dividers are a stylish and practical option. Moreover, glazing adds a timeless touch to your interior.

Say Goodbye to Cabinets, Say Hello to Shelves

Cabinets are the perfect solution for hiding everything and creating a clean, tidy look.

Illustration from Pinterest

However, single-shelve solutions are getting more popular, storing plates and mugs on shelves and everything else in the cabinets below the worktop.

Shift to Natural Materials

Sustainability has been at the core of interior design in recent years, slowly shifting to kitchen designs too.

The use of natural stones as marble or granite as well as unpainted wood will be very popular in the upcoming years!

Clash of Colours or Dark Monochrome Palette

You can never go wrong with a safe colour choice such as beige, white or brown, however, picking contrasting colours will be very popular next year!

You can find kitchen-safe paint and experiment with colours.

Illustration from Pinterest

Darker tones will also rule the interior design world next year. Black kitchen cabinets with black worktops, dark wall colour and lampshades, dark on dark all the way!

If it feels too much you can ease the design by adding some texture or using softer tones for the accents.


  1. Glazed tiles are available in a wide range of style and easy to clean.

  2. You can optimise your spending with task lighting.

  3. Glazed dividers are stylish and functional solutions.

  4. Use single-self solutions instead of cabinets.

  5. Contrasting colours and dark palettes will be in!


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