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Solution Focused Interior Designing from West London interior designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

When getting down to deciding what sort of interior you want, you do feel stumped and at a loss at times, don’t you? Koja Designs x Nu Projects has a solution to all your interior designing problems under one roof.

Today, we have brought to you the tips and tricks from the professionals to incorporate solution-focused interior designing in your house. You need to be sure to create a space which has the right balance of colour, furniture, lighting and all other parameters required. The key is to build upon your psychological and emotional demands. Making that a base, start remodelling or decorating your house.

4 Tips for Solution Focused Interior Designing

1. Lighten up a Dark Room

One of the biggest hurdles which remodelling is to work with dark-coloured rooms. But still, if you want to give a dark touch to the room, try to limit it to one wall. Too much of darkness can make your space look close and suffocating. Use light colours on the other walls. If you have oversized furniture in the room, get rid of that. It will make the room look darker. Lightening up the floor will further give a light and cosy appearance.

2. Small Spaces

Small spaces seem to have fewer options to play with as they already are congested and small. But, this is not the case. There are a plethora of options available which can be used wisely to make the room look bigger, airier and elegant. Work on the phrase “Less is more.” Display only necessary items, don’t go over the board and include only those things that give you joy and are an inspiration for you. Other hacks like including smaller sized furniture, a neutral coloured wall, incorporate a settee etc. The sky is the limit here! Mirrors are an excellent option to trick the mind into imaging more space in the surroundings.

Pro Tip: The most workable solution-focused interior designing hack is the hang the curtains higher. By doing so, the space will look more impressive and seem larger.

3. Spacious Rooms

Usually, decorating spacious rooms has its own set of challenges. Yes, that’s true. Huge rooms give a very cold and empty feeling overall. So, they need to be decorated in such a way to give a warm feeling. Adding a sitting area to cover up space is a good idea. Apart from this, strong wallpaper and darker walls are good to make a big room look smaller if you don’t want to add much furniture. Low hung artwork gives the look of a lower ceiling.

4. Working on a Budget

Sometimes, people are constrained by the budget they have. Surely, that is not an issue. All you need to know is how to play around. Wallpapers can be used instead of expensive paints, add wood furniture to your space to give a vintage look, reuse old things in a modern way and find ways to use the things you already have. There is a pocket-friendly alternative to everything. You just need to know where to look!


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