Interior Design Ideas for the Little Ones/Nurseries from West London interior designer, Natalie Foge

Are you or a loved one about to have a baby? A big shout out to you! Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to mind when a baby is on the way is how to decorate the nursery. Of course, the little bundle of joy and all the people who come over are going to be spending a major chunk of their time there, so it needs to be comfortable, relaxing and a sight to the eyes! So, what are you waiting for?

5 Ideas for Designing Nurseries

1. Rainbows

Yes, that’s just what you read. Rainbows. Rainbows are a symbol of tranquillity, life, peace, colour, joy and hope. What better way to decorate a nursery than this? This is one fun trend here to stay. If you don’t want to go for the loud, vibrant rainbow, go for the alternative “Muted Bow”. It comes in an earthy colour and gives a sophisticated touch. Use it in any way you like. From wall hangings to wallpapers to bedsheets, it can be used in many forms to give an “OOMPH” factor to the nursery.

2. Rocking Chair

Welcome this timeless furniture piece to your nursery. It will balance the modernity with a dash of vintage. Apart from turning up the beauty quotient of the room, it will give immense functionality. Rock the baby to sleep while holding him/her close to your heart. This will not only help in making the baby sleep well but allow for longer physical contact with the baby.

3. Natural and Chic

Nowadays, people are becoming eco-friendly. Especially when it comes to kids. The use of wood furniture and cribs is going up. Also, nature-inspired nurseries are on the rise. Botanicals are back with a bang and are here to stay! Warm tones are the new trend. The thing is to add worn elements (vintage crib or rocking chair) with contemporary elements like rustic ladders and statement pieces of furniture to give a modern and chic look to the nursery.

4. Sea World

Look whose here with a splash? The sea world is sure going to light up your nursery and make it stand out from the rest. Sea themed wallpaper is a must-have this year. Whether you have a fancy for whales, crabs, jellyfish or even a baby shark, incorporate that in the room. By coupling those with sea-based plush toys and accessories, you can follow a theme.

5. Foliage

Want to keep it simple? Don’t worry, there is something for everyone at Koja Design. The walls of nurseries have had leafy prints since the beginning. This is one trend that does not go out of fashion. Hence, following it will never go wrong. But, instead of big, dramatic leaves, go for soft, delicate ones which look dainty. It will give the room a truly elegant and poetic look. You can use the foliage anyway you like. From adding it to the wallpaper to bedsheets to swaddles, the uses are multiple.

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