Sustainability in FF&E (furniture, fixture and equipment), sustainable interior tips from West L

Now, as you (the consumer) are becoming more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, the shape of interior designing is also on the verge of changing. All the elements of designing, i.e. the furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) are also being incorporated in such a way as to reflect the concept of environmental protection and awareness.

Our close interior design partner, Koja Design strives to introduce you to such designs that have minimal to zero impact on the environment and fall in the eco-friendly category. The best thing is that you don’t need to pick a design or sustainability. We offer both!

4 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability

1. Energy Efficiency

Working on the energy and heating of your home is a perfect way to start off with sustainability. Consumption of large amounts of energy is on the top reasons for climate change. Everyone needs to play their part; however small it might be. Instead of going for lavish fireplaces, try to add curtains, drapes, stalled windows, shades, blinds etc. to keep the sun and heat out. Same is the case in winters, these things keep the home cosy and the cold air out. Carpets are thermal insulators and keep the room warm in winters. By making these small changes in the FF&E, you can make your home energy efficient.

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2. Reduce Waste

Finally, the designing world is becoming aware of the concept of recycling, repurposing and upcycling. Don’t discard equipment or furniture just because it has gone out of fashion, but bring them to life with different upscaling techniques. Remember that old broken ladder in the attic? Try to revamp it into a rustic ladder and use it anywhere around the house for a vintage, modern look. On the other hand, synthetic material can be used to furnish the home. These materials can be reused once you are done with it.

3. Longevity

To ensure sustainability, look up the life cycle of the FF&E you have in mind. Your aim is to design timeless and durable spaces which don’t need to be changed again and again. Here, you need to make a choice. To ensure your FF&E have longevity, choose functionality instead of embellishments, quality instead of quantity and classic design over a trendy one. It should be kept in mind that even if you get bored of one element, changing it should be easy. Design the room as such that individual pieces can be replaced instead of the whole room being demolished.

4. Maintenance

The most important and often overlooked aspect is the maintenance of FF&E. Use materials that are easy to clean and do not require a lot of chemicals. As chemicals and surface cleaning equipment are a source of major pollution. A good idea is to go for modular carpets. If one piece of the carpet needs to be replaced, you don’t need to waste the entire carpet. All you need to do is pick that piece up and replace it. Hence, opting for furniture and materials which are strong, sturdy and durable, ensure less wear and tear.

If you are interested in our sustainable design and build services, contact us.

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