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How to Decorate Like a Pro, interior decorating tips from luxury interior designer in West London

This year is the year of creativity, revolution and modernization. The world of interior designing is changing daily. Aesthetically pleasing trends are taking over keeping in mind practicality, functionality and comfort. Decorators and remodelers need to have a natural eye to find new designs.

So, the focus needs to be on creating inspiring and sophisticated luxury interiors that will make an amazing first impression on the customer to make them go “WOW”. To achieve this, designers can focus on some of the trends that have taken the interior designing world by storm. Read Nu Projects and Koja Designs luxury interior design advices on how to decorate your London home.

5 Trends to Help You Decorate Like a Pro

1. Choose Colors Wisely

Choosing the correct colour can make or break you as a designer. Depending on the choice of the customer pick colours wisely. If they want a subtle interior, go for neutral colours like grey, beige, white etc. That will make the room look calm. On the other hand, if the interior is supposed to stand out, designers have the upper hand to play with the colour pallet. Using bright colours like blue, yellow and even patterns is a good option to make the room décor stand out.

2. Go Green

Adding a little greenery to the house is always a good option. The fact that it makes people closer to nature is a plus point along with it being aesthetically beautiful and delicate. To give an organic ambience to the house, designers can place the plant near a window. Apart from this, smaller plants can be placed in different rooms to give a very eco-friendly look.

3. Panelled Walls

When designing walls, designers have an opportunity to give an expensive look to the room with panelled walls. This a decorative feature which instantly adds texture and character to simple homes and makes them refined. Moreover, you can paint them to get an up-to-date look. These walls give a traditional as well as modern look to homes.