Lighting Trends – Shapes, Sizes, Material and What's New

A lighting fixture not only brightens up a room – It lets you create a statement. You can easily manipulate the whole look of the house by just placing the right light at the right spot. No doubt, the LED lighting industry is also evolving with the advent of technology. These advancements have reduced costs and made smart lighting affordable for everyone.

Have you ever wondered if your lighting style is up to date or not? See the top trends here to pick out the one which suits your space and translates into your style statement. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

5 Top Trends in the Market

1. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are in this year. Be it furniture or lighting this is one trend that is here to stay and lights are an excellent way to experiment and play around with this trend. It can be simple or an array of various shapes joined together. For the bedroom, go for a single small shape. While for the drawing-room, going for a huge complex chandelier can make the room come to life. So, depending on your taste, opt for the shape that excites you.

2. Colour It Up

White and greys are a trend of the past. Now, colours are in. Do you want to add a pop of colour and life to your room? Now you can experiment with the colour pallet. Go for tones of black and golds when picking out a lighting fixture for your house. Yes, gold. It will add richness and depth to your space.

Credit: Pinterest

3. Cleaner Lines

Gone are the days when excessive ornamentation was the thing. Modern décor is going towards cleaner forms of lighting. Ornate metalwork is the thing of the past. Lights with cleaner forms are trending. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the house while following the concept of minimalism. Fixtures with simple geometrical designs are taking the lighting world by storm.

4. Bigger Is better

Do you still have a preference for bigger fixtures? Don’t worry, they are still in. What has changed is the placement. For certain areas, bigger fixtures are “the thing”. For the kitchen, you can go for a large pendant fixture. Similarly, for the drawing-room go for a large dramatic chandelier. These lights will attract all the attention to them as soon as someone enters the room and makes them go “WOW”.

Credit: Pinterest

5. Smart Technology

Smart technology is not only taking the world by storm, but this is one trend that tops the charts in the world of lighting fixtures also. Home-makers are coming up with a technology that can let you control the light so that it seems like someone is home. Voice technology makes it possible to dim the lights, switch them on/off while sitting and even controlling the external lights by just your voice. Smart switches are also being installed in multiple households across the globe.

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