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The Importance Of Getting Your Name Out There - Nick Jeffries Of Nu Projects - The Founding Network

Nick Jeffries:

Hi, my name is Nick Jeffries of New Projects, and we are a luxury design and build construction company based in Fulham. So we specialise in increasing square footage under, to the side or above your property in prime areas in London. We have in house architects, in house interior designers, project management, and obviously construction, it's a whole turnkey solution for our residential clients. So in total, we sort of control everything from start to finish.

James Sutcliffe

Perfect. And how did you get into this business?

Nick Jeffries:

I first got into property 15 years ago and I worked for one of my buddies who had a contracting business and he asked me to come on board sourcing deals. I never knew what I was doing, but I was always very proactive in marketing my old business before, had nothing to do a property. And I created databases from I found a way to strip put it into a spreadsheet and then send out a thousand letters a week to businesses all over the place. And out of those businesses, it would say, "Look, if you ever got a property you want to sell, give me a call." That's basically what it was. And off the back of those letters, we used to have lots of deal flow. And even today, 15 years later, people, a little old lady will say, "Oh, I had your letter through the mailbox 15 years ago, and I want to sell my property now."

Nick Jeffries:

So it proves a point. You can send some marketing out, it may not happen straight away, but it will happen at some point. And then about 12 years ago, I came to London because I had to, I think it was the global credit crunch. And then I reinvented myself up here as a land agent and I partnered up with a high net worth and he took me under his wing and I did exactly the same. My first deal was in Deanery street in Mayfair. I founded a property off market. He bought it for 2 million quid. We got planning to convert it into maybe a little bit more extension, maybe adding square footage. And he sold that with planning a million quid extra six months later. And then I did a second property with him in Charts street in SW one, I think, and did exactly the same. Bought it, sold it, flipped it. I had money on the way in, and I had money on the way out. So I did that for two years.

Nick Jeffries:

And then one of his friends said to me, "Nick, if I gave you some money, can you find a deal? And we'll do a joint venture." That gave me the stepping stone into property. So I found a deal in Primrose Hill, a studio, 350 square feet. We bought it, we did it up, we spend 30 grand on it and we sold it for... I think we bought it for 250, spent 30 grand on it and we sold it for 350 about a month later. Then we bought a property in Fulham, that brought me over to Fulham. A house unmodernized, we bought it for 550. We spent 200 on it, we sold it for 950. So that got me over to Fulham and then the neighbors next door to the house said, "Can you do my property? Can you do my property?" And that's when New started. And that's when we got into construction in Fulham. And we've been here ever since.

James Sutcliffe:

Amazing. So it sounds like you really need that break in this world where knowing those one or two people initially really got the ball rolling for you. And I guess built up a bit of a portfolio for you. How would you suggest people go about finding those couple of people that can really help them out in the first place?

Nick Jeffries:

You have got to put yourself out there because if no one knows you, how are they going to contact you? So what I do today, I create as much content at scale. So I've got two people working for me full time, creating co