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My Year At NU Projects

I thought I would do a blog post a little differently this week. I have now been in the nu team for 14 months and thought I would write about my experience here at HQ in Fulham. Nick took me on as an individual who was passionate about interior design, who only held a couple of months of office administrative skills but wanted to learn about the construction aspect of residential property and property development. Working part time alongside my interior studies, I have been able to learn an incredible amount on the job and the other aspects that come into the role learning the business aspect.

In my first couple of months I moved from heading the marketing of the company which included the website update, brochure creation, social media platform postings and blog creations, to PA to Nick. In addition to the roles that I already took on, my position became more diverse, meeting clients on site and being their first point of contact as well as writing up the estimates and contacting architects and surveyors for potential collaboration opportunities. My year has been incredibly diverse, and I have been able to learn a vast amount about the industry, what is involved in construction, architecture, surveying and all the other roles that come into play in construction.

Being able to work closely with Nick and the team, I feel very fortunate to have learnt so many useful insights in the industry. Working closely with contractors, suppliers and industry-based people, it has really opened my eyes that with property there are multiple people and organisations that need to be involved and I have gained insights and tips from industry experts from trade to project managers to corporate businesses.

Interior design being the line of work I am passionate about going down, and now a graduate of KLC School of Design, working at nu projects at the same time has really allowed me to gain valuable knowledge. Interior design requires construction and construction, at the end of a signed off property or the beginning with spatial planning, requires interior design and therefore linking the two has been incredibly valuable for me.

Nick allowed me to join the team as an individual who had only previously had a few months office experience and never been involved in residential construction and the experience he has provided me with has been invaluable. Being allowed to take control of many tasks and make decisions as well as work in an energetic and fast-pased team has been really fun and diverse.

I am going to miss the team and the office and site-life that I have been part of for the last 14 months but know they will always be there for me to pop in for a cup of tea, a special cup of tea!

Thank you Nick and nu projects.

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