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10 Interior Tips - A MUST Read

Our very own videographer, Conor Gavin has come up with ten tips to help you if you are having troubles with your interior space. Whether that is deciding what to do with it, or how to spatially plan the space and style and furnish it. Have a read to find out 10 tips that will help you and make the process a lot more easier.

Photo: House and Garden

1. Start collecting image’s & inspiration so you have an overview of what you want to achieve. A core design will help to avoid impulse buys.

Photo: Casa Vogue

2. If you are moving into an empty house, you can plan the place from scratch. Rooms actually feel smaller until you furnish them. Mark out furniture sizes on the floor so you can get a real sense of the scale and size.

3.Meet the functional requirements of any room. If you have friends over a lot, ensure that your dining table can seat them all and etc.

4. Get busy on Instagram & Pinterest. Buy interior magazines and make your own mood boards. Find images that resonate and bundle them all onto one board, then start organising the images into some sort of order. Use this as the basis of each room design.

Photo: Habituallychic

5. Get statement prices right – they need thought and consideration. You can play it safe & opt for a neutral colour scheme, livened up with bright cushions & throws & artwork, which are inexpensively interchanged.

Photo: Pinterest

6. Only follow trends that you like & that you are confident you will like a couple of years’ time.

7.Make sure artwork is personal & acquired, collected over time as & when you see the perfect piece. Yu have the luxury of time, you do not need to fill all the walls in one go.


8. Don’t be afraid of making an impact. A bed with a full height headboard is worth the extra spread & mural wallpaper makes the best of a feature wall.

9. Enjoy yourself. Once you have the basis of a design & know what works with your lifestyle, you can add the touches of personality that makes a house a home.

10. Call Nu Projects! Let us help you & see what our interior design services can offer.

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