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Building a home from scratch can be the most incredible experience, but also one of the most challenging and stressful times of your life. For this reason, it is important to get the right specialists in and a team of experts in to create your dream property.

A good team means a good project. It is as simple as that. With years of experience in the construction industry, nu projects make sure everything is running smoothly and professionally from start to finish. With nu:projects, the same team stick with you from start to finish meaning the process is seamless and no liaising with multiple contractors needs to ever be done.

Covering all areas from architecture to interior design, we make sure you have a main point of contact and project manager throughout the project, giving you ease of mind and no need to stress at any time throughout.

From architecture to project management and contractors through to interior design, your new build will be beautifully handcrafted to your specifications, creating your dream home.

In the central boroughs of London, land for new builds is incredibly rare to find but not extinct. Further out of London it is more easily available and nu projects will work further afield if it is the right type of project for us.

The benefits of building a new home from scratch means you can include and exclude whatever you want. There are no more qualms of not having enough storage or a master bedroom that is too small, or a kitchen that is unpractical for you and your family. A new build means you can truly individualise your property for you and your family.

Luxury builders in the sphere of London, and especially south west including Chelsea and Fulham, the nu projects team are incredibly passionate about what they do which is shown in the work produced and completed.

Consider a new build and consider nu projects. 020 7731 6841

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