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Nu Projects Basements, Have You thought About Doing This?

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Basement conversions. Why are they so popular in London? If you walk around Fulham you will see lightwells on the ground in front of the front bay windows. This Is where a basement has been built. Many of the homes in Fulham have had basements placed in to their property and it makes sense. Basements are a great way to add square footage to your property and therefore increase your property’s value.

With space being an issue for people in London, and properties not being the biggest as well as an un-ability to build out on the sides in terraced homes, the decision to either build up or build down is considered.

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When building up, loft conversions can be incredibly beneficial. However, they do run into issues with planning approval in certain areas. Planning will not be granted in some situations when the exterior of the property wants to be altered which will make it look out of place on the street.

If this is happening to you but you want to stay in your property and not move, a basement is worth thinking about.

Basements add square footage as well as increase the value of your property. In general, on a basement conversion, you are looking at £3000 to £4500 per square metre, depending on your internal finishes and the property’s structure and support.

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With an added bedroom, a gym, a separate utility room, wine cellar, play area, multi-media room, the choices are endless.

Basements can take time to complete. There are a lot more steps involved, party walls, excavating, underpinning, damp proofing, but when completed correctly, and we cannot stress how important it is to get professionals in, the benefits are huge.

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Here at nu projects, we have been doing basement conversions since we first opened ten years ago. In addition to side return extensions, and loft conversions, basements are nu projects bread and butter.

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We are passionate in creating exactly what the client wants and nu projects passion for design and build is shown in our projects and passionate team.

If you are questioning what to do with your property, give us a call on 020 7731 6841.

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