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How Do I Improve My Sleep? Let Nu Projects Help You.

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. With the day to day hustle and bustle of London, when you finally get into bed you want to drift off seamlessly into a deep sleep, not awaking till the morning to the chirping of the early morning bird. Now we all know that this in most cases does not seem to be the reality. Crying children, wailing sirens, hungry dogs, on top of daily work-life stress that you would prefer to place in a box and diminish for at least 8 hours of the day. We have all been there.

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Your bedroom set up can really affect this, and therefore it is important to have a bedroom that you feel entirely rested and relaxed in. As a construction company we, here at nu projects, find that clients will normally leave their bedroom to one of the last things to do in a renovation. The ‘entertainment spaces’ (kitchen, living room, dining room) are normally the first to get renovated because these are the rooms that guests will see.

However, the power of sleep is incredibly important to you and your productivity, relationships, career and most importantly happiness. There are little things that can be changed in your bedroom, that will not bruise the wallet too much, which will make your sleep a lot more effective.


One of the first things to do is insert double glaze windows, blocking out any noise or distraction from outside. Not only does this quieten the room, it also aids insulation enormously which will decrease energy bills and add value to your property. Timber windows usually have a three week turn around and the benefits are large so it is worth investing.


Sticking with the window theme, black out blinds or curtains are very beneficial for a good nights sleep. It has been scientifically proven that sleeping in complete darkness is the best way to receive deep, un-distracted sleep and therefor a good pair of curtains and blinds is very important.


Measuring and installing your own curtains is in-fact rather time consuming and difficult, interior designers majorly holding their own personal curtain maker and fitter. It is best to get this professionally done and we can aid you with that aspect of the renovation using trusted people we have used on many previous projects.

Having a scheme that you love and feel relaxed in is the best form of room. Changing the colour is simple and with a couple of licks of new paint this can drastically change your mood and your sleeping pattern. Colour schemes for clients bedrooms vary drastically. From soft feminine-romantic to more dramatic bold schemes, bedrooms are personal and therefor there is no right or wrong.

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And finally, a good bed and mattress makes all the difference. Investing in a bed and spending that little extra for maximum comfort is totally worth it. Designer beds are expensive, but deals are always happening and with summer sales on at the moment and the warranty of at least ten years of good sleep, why would you not?

Some brands include Heals,, John Lewis, Loaf all providing really comfortable and stylish beds. Another idea to think about is getting your current bedframe upholstered at a cheaper price but investing in a new mattress. This will half the price.

Hopefully with these easy and quick interior and renovation changes, your sleep will improve and drift you off to a lullaby of serenity.

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