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Front Doors! Say Hello To The World

The front door. The entrance to your home. The threshold between inside and out. The place where guests are first greeted, and visitors first get an impression of the person on the other side. The front door does a lot, even if you don’t realise it, it makes a statement about you and your home.


A colour is not the only thing that can be changed on a front door. The door knob, handle, even number template can all create a differing impression to your guest. There are many articles out there stating what colour and finish would look good on a front door depending on the period of the property, or what it is finished in; brick, wood, concrete, pebbledash. However, I would entirely disagree with this. I think any colour and finish would look good, it all comes down to personal preference and what you would personally like.

Photo: Hector M.Sanchez

I love colour, and a bright door will always look beautiful no matter what colour you decide. It adds some pizazz, makes a walker-by double look or even stop to admire it. When thinking about Notting Hill, for example, people love the colourful terraced homes, it makes them happy and puts a smile on their faces. “Red and yellow and green and blue”, why not?


So, you have decided your colour, now it is time to get started on actually painting the door. When painting your door it is important to paint it in the right weather conditions since it is outside. It is best to paint above ten degrees and below 30 degrees. Start early in the morning to give you the most time for drying and multiple coats.

So, firstly, you will need to prime the door for the paint. If your door has been painted before, sand it down and cover all cracked patches with quick drying wood filler. Sand again once dry to make smooth and then, with tape, cover all areas not wanting to be painted –the letter box, door knocker, handle. If you can take these off, sometimes this is better and makes the job easier.


Layer the door with one layer of exterior wood primer and undercoat and then leave for two hours to fully dry. Once dried, the painting can begin. Start with the first layer and leave for another four hours before placing another layer on top. This will then need to be left for another four hours. The door needs to be kept open throughout the entire process which is why it is best to start early in the morning or complete over a two day period.

Photo: Pinterest

Doors can be made even more beautiful with the accessories you decide to put on them. From handles, to letter boxes, to door knockers and numbers, a little touch of effort will make a big difference.

A nice door will give the people that are visiting you a sense of warmth, comfort and welcome when entering. You should also be proud of your home when entering and leaving the door. Make it a statement and give it some personality.

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