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Palazzo Morelli, The Name You Should Remember - Nu Projects collaborates.

"Creating products for professionals and private clients to help them close the gap between the desire that they hold and the ability to make it happen. From dreams to reality."

Photo: Massimo Locci

The phrase that Palazzo Morelli use to describe their company. Specialising in high quality finishes for residential and commercial projects, Palazzo Morelli provide beautiful custom-made surfaces, specially handcrafted with bespoke joinery and exclusive details. The focus is on excellence in turnkey projects, in both technicality and style. Palazzo Morelli’s ambition, and what they are succeeding in, is to bring the traditional hand-craftsmanship back into hard surfaces letting artistry thrive.

Palazzo Morelli, a global business with headquarters in both Dubai and Italy and offices in such locations as Singapore and Todi are thriving with clients in the residential, commercial and hospitality spheres wanting artistry and individuality to be brought back into the home. Designs and craftsmanship that were booming in the Baroque, Renaissance and classical eras are now not so evident in today's homes. Palazzo Morelli realise that although developers want projects to be completed as soon as possible, individual clients still want their home to be beautiful and hold certain characteristics of artistry. Palazzo Morelli allow this to happen.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Using sustainably sourced materials, handcrafted in Italy, cultural and historical heritage is brought back into hard surfaces with beautiful designs for flooring, wall-panelling, doors, partitions. You have to see it to believe it with over 1000 different designs on offer, as well as each project being completely individual and unique to the client, no two projects are the same.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Although global, Palazzo Morelli realise there is so much business that could be done in the United Kingdom and London. London being such a multi-cultured city that exudes history in architecture and art thrives off of its historical talents of craftsmanship and artistry. Interiors are very much bringing back this bespoke-made, handcrafted idea as people move away from the ‘cheap and quick’ and want the longevity of beautiful products.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Headed by UK-based executive senior Massimo Locci, Palazzo Morelli want to expand, creating a base here in the United Kingdom to show their products and this is where we, nu:projects, come in. Massimo approached us a while back and we are excitingly joining together, nu:projects and Palazzo Morelli, with our base here in Fulham being the H.Q.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Massimo holds mass years of experience in the property industry, graduating from the University of Florence with a major in Architecture, Urban Planning. He then went on to such ventures as building supervisor in Denmark, property developer in Romania and Morocco, and importer and exporter of furniture designed by Massimo himself. As can be seen, through his years of travel with work and experience in product and property, Massimo is in tune with what different clients want and desire, as well as the ability to visualise the end result.

This is very exciting for both Palazzo Morelli and nu:projects. Working together, in the same H.Q. here in Fulham, it broadens nu:projects services that can be provided to clients as well as allow Palazzo Morelli to thrive and build their reputability in London.

Very exciting and a space to watch. As Palazzo Morelli say, "dreams to reality.

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