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Beautiful Italian Surfaces - Gemstone, Marble, Wood

A couple of months back, we were greeted by two companies working in collaboration with each other and wanting to collaborate with us here at nu:projects. They were Palmo Design and Palazzo Morelli. Both originating from Italy, Palmo Design specialise in luxury interior design and Palazzo Morelli in High end hard surfaces. It makes sense why they work together, together providing more interior services to the client.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Approaching us, they wanted us to come on board with them, using their products in our projects. We are very excited about this collaboration, the work Palmo Design create being incredibly beautiful and unique as well as Palazzo Morelli surfaces being unlike any other in craftsmanship, quality and finish.

Dedicated to surfaces, furniture and interior design, Palazzo Miorelli has been running since 2006, founded in Todi Palazzo, Italy by Alessandro Ortenzi. Since then, the company has grown to be known internationally all around the world with projects completed in the East, Europe and America.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Showcasing beautiful Italian design to the highest quality and detail, Palazzo Morelli pride themselves on their professional services, creating the dream finish for the client. Each design is different, and even new, specific and individualised for the client. Working in wood, stone, marble, mosaic and gemstone, the surfaces created are incredibly intricate, almost like art forms in their own right.

Photo: Palazzo Morelli

Palazzo’s philosophy is to understand exactly the clients wishes and needs and make a proposal from that. Projects range from residential, to commercial and workspace and even yachts and the like. All beautifully handcrafted, the surfaces finish the product making them all a sight to behold. From traditional to contemporary, any specific style can be tailored for.