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Why you should start your construction project now.

Ask any contractor, the best time to start renovating a home is always in the spring and summer months. The weather is good, days are long and therefore projects run more smoothly with few barriers getting in the way and more consecutive working hours.

With Brexit, uncertainty in the housing market especially, has been very prevalent. Home owners are scared to sell and even spend the money on housing projects with job uncertainty and everything else that is falling under Brexit. Totally understandable, however, due to this, many construction companies have found themselves quiet over the last few months. The market is starting to pick up once again, and therefore getting your project booked in with contractors at an early stage is beneficial.

If you are thinking about starting a renovation project the time to begin is now. Waiting only means available slots are filled up by other projects and your project could be delayed till the fall or even later, till next year. In addition, if you need planning permission, this can take up to three months to be granted, or even rejected and then you’re back to the drawing board.

If you do have planning permission granted, getting an estimate from contractors and starting the job as soon as possible is worthwhile.

Projects like re-roofing, extending and attic conversions are always best in summer when weather will, the majority of time, not be a problem in Britain.

If you are behind in starting your project and your main project may be too difficult to start and have complete by the end of the summer, think about doing something that doesn’t require planning permission.

There are many opportunities to work on your home and update its appearance both inside and out which do not take much time to complete. Here are some ideas.


Kitchen remodel. A full kitchen renovation can be costly, but if you don’t feel like getting new cabinets and worktops, why not think about painting your worktops to add a new flare to your entertaining space. In addition, changing the handles and furniture like bar stools can truly spruce up your space.