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Give your Hallway some TLC

The hallway. It is a space that introduces your guests to your home, the threshold to your personal space. However, in most cases it is left bare, lifeless and a little boring. Many people struggle with the hallway or entrance because it is an awkward narrow space that is mainly there for function. Do not let the size put you off putting your personality into the space as the hallway can be very decorative and a showstopper in itself.

Photo: Wealdentimes

A hallway does have to be functional. Keys, post and bits and bobs need to be put somewhere. In addition, shoes and coats need to be stored and a mirror is always useful to have to make sure you don’t have food on your face or lipstick smeared everywhere, (we have all been there). However, these functional needs can be made decorative and showcased in a ‘pretty’ manner. So without further a do, let's go!

Photo: Pinterest

Storage units and solutions come in an abundance of looks fit for any home design: rustic, traditional, modern, muted, bold. Benches are a great solution as not only do they create a space to store shoes underneath, they also provide a seat when putting your shoes on. Baskets and storage boxes are also a great way to hide all the bits that you don’t want to be seen by your guests: gloves, scarfs, dog leads. Think of innovative ways to store your belongings. Vintage suitcases, vintage grocery boxes or even plant pots will all add some flare to your space.

Photo: LovetoHome

A console table is always a good idea or if that is too big, a floating shelf. It always makes sense to have somewhere to store your keys and post in a handy location near the door. If you want to keep clutter to a minimum, utilising the space under your stairs is a great solution. Add coat racks, shelving units, and turn it into a mini cloakroom.

Now that function has been check-listed off, we can get onto the exciting aspect – decorating!