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Re-decorate Your Home - Bold Colours

With Christmas around the corner, you may be thinking of sprucing up your home for the festive season. Or maybe your home is in need of a makeover or touch up. Interior decorating can be as minimal or expansive as you would like, even a little decorating can make a big difference to your home.

Photo: Pinterest

Here are some bold and beautiful design inspiration ideas that will hopefully assist your creativity and make your home that extra special for the holidays and years to come. Let's glam up the home for Christmas.

Colour. When we think of Britain, many people think of the colour grey. This shouldn’t be seen as a negative. Grey has become the new white and cream and works incredibly well in British Homes. Don’t be misconceived and think that grey is cold and dark. With its popularity, grey comes in a huge spectrum and can be warming and soften a room. Farrow and Ball, a classic British brand have a gorgeous selection of greys that interior designers stick to, knowing that they will make a room inviting and luxurious. Another popular British brand is Little Greene who also hold a beautiful selection of greys.

Photo: Pinterest

Other rich colours such as deep reds and blues are back in fashion too, and when lit with the correct warm lighting, can look beautiful in living rooms and bedrooms. More bold than a grey, they will create a statement, but why shy away from this? Make your home have the wow-factor.


Using contrasting colours or bringing in another colour in the same family both work and add depth to a room. For example, if you have grey as your primary colour, think about adding a soft blue as your secondary with small accents of yellow tint.

Photo: Little Greene

Or if you are thinking of a rich red, why not try a warm soft grey or neutral white as the secondary colour to soften the room and then different tones of reds and pinks to use as the accent colour.

Photo: Amara

To be honest, any colour can work with any colour. There is no restrictions. If you use the right tones and the right distribution of colour it will work. Think main colour for walls, secondary colour for furnishings, and third colour for accents. Three is a good number to stick too, not too much but enough to add dimension and excitement.

With a new look and feel to your room, think about soft furnishings that will enhance the feeling and look. Fabrics that always work for the holiday season include velvets, tweed, tartan and furs. Velvet is rich, it changes its look dependent on where the light hits it, as well as bringing a sense of luxuriousness to any room. A harder fabric to keep clean and stain resistant, it may not be the best choice for younger kids.

Photo: Pinterest

Tweed and tartan ooze Winter and Autumn ambience. Think cottage living around a log burner. However, it works just as well for townhouses in cities creating an inviting, homely vibe. Adding dimension to your room with different textures and mix matching can truly enhance a room. Different fabrics can be added by something as simple as changing your cushions.

Photo: Good Housekeeping

And finally, do not forget about lighting. Using a warm light is so much better than a harsh blue light. It will make a room feel warmer, appear more inviting, and especially if using darker wall colours and tones, brightens the room making it more atmospheric. Don't go for the cheapest bulb. Think about the atmosphere you want to set in the room.

Photo: Swoonworthy

Pinterest is your best friend when brain storming ideas. With an abundance of images on home décor, you’ll be online for hours. Don’t’ be afraid to ask an interior designer for help, no matter how small the job. They will be able to assist you in the decision making and come up with ideas you may not have thought about.

Call nu:projects today on 020 7731 6841 for any of your interior design queries. Our interior designers will be happy to assist.

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