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Pets - A Londoner's best Friend in the Home

Walking down Kings Road, you can indefinitely see that a dog is a Londoner’s best friend. Shops and cafes give access to all forms of well pampered pedigrees from small sausages to big furry huskies. Dogs are a main priority and that shouldn’t stop when it comes to the home.

Here is a compilation of things any home owner owning a dog, or any pet for that matter, should think about if remodelling.

Creatively placed beds. Adding a bit of flare and personality to your home shouldn’t stop with a boring pet bed or blanket. Why not place your dog’s bed under the stairs – superbly adorable, and your dog now has its very own room! Another idea is placing the bed in one of the work counters of the kitchen. Your best friend will always be beside you while cooking the dinner and entertaining guests.

Photo: The Creativity Exchange Pinterest

Clean surfaces. For any dog owner, we all know that even in London, they will find that muddy puddle to then come home and shake all over your beautiful couch – the joys. However, there are ways to minimise the permanent dirt. Vinyl wallpapers have improved drastically in recent years, and exposed brick can look incredible (feature wall), both great solutions as they can be wiped down easily.


A category of flooring that is creeping up the fashionable radar is concrete flooring – gorgeously smooth and different, yet very practical too. If you still want the warmth that you would receive from a carpet, under floor heating can now be installed relatively cheap, installed for as little as £800 for a 20msq. room. Wooden floors and tiles are also very practical and easy to maintain.

Photo: Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors

Artificial grass. Everyone likes their gardens to be presentable and tidy. But let’s face it, trying to fit a lawnmower into a London home is wasted space. Artificial grass is becoming more and more common in London terraced home gardens, and the cleaning of artificial grass is very simple and efficient. It is also a great solution to stop your pooch from digging!

Clever Pet Entrance Solutions. As much as we don’t want to leave our furry best friends at home while we go to work, sometimes it is the only option. Cat flaps and dog entrances are now able to be placed into glass wall panels to make it easier for pets to come in and out without having a door open. In addition, modern pet doors now have a fob system where, in essence, your pet has its own key to enter and exit the house – no unwanted house guests allowed!

Photo: Jim's Glass

Furniture are friends not food! For teething pups, wooden furniture looks like a lollipop would to a toddler. Instead, opt for metals and chromes – sleek and industrial design is back in style and with soft furnishings, a room can still have a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Photo: Real Simple pinterest

Your furry friend and your home are your prized processions, let’s create a harmonious relationship between the two!

Contact nu: projects on 020 7731 6841 for any of your construction needs. We are always happy to help.

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