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Why Build A Basement

My name's Nick Jeffries of Nu:Projects in Fulham. We specialise in extensions, especially the basement extension. Adding a basement is the biggest way to add value to your property. Here's two reasons why you should have a basement.

Number one, you can create that extra living space under the ground you've always wanted. Maybe you don't want to sell your house. You want to stay where you are, and you want to create that extra space under the ground. You can put down there whatever you want: bedrooms with en suites, utility rooms, storage, cinema room, play room, granny flat. Whatever you want. Adding these bedrooms are going to make your house amazing. We put in usually a 2.8 to 3 meter ceiling height, so anyone goes down in these basements, they're going to have the wow factor. Lovely light wells in the front, light wells in the back, letting lots of natural light in. Amazing.

Number two, and I think the most important one, this adds hundreds of thousands of pounds to the value of your property. On average, a West London terraced house, you could probably put a 700 to 1,000 square foot basement. As an example, a house in Fulham with 1,000 square foot basement, that's going to add one million pounds to your resale value. That's facts. In this market, summer 2018, resale values are £1,000

a square foot in Fulham. Facts. That's going to add one million pounds to your property. Simple.

The bill cost is going to be circa, depending on fit out, £400,000 to 450 plus VAT. That includes all your professional feeds, architects, structural engineers, building control, a little bit of interior design. That's everything. As you can see, adding a basement, it gets that extra square footage for that wonderful living space, and it adds hundreds of thousands of pounds to your property.

If you have any questions, please contact me today.

My e-mail is, or you can call me at the office in Fulham on 020-7731-6841. We're here to answer all your questions. We've done over 50 basements over the last seven years and have a wealth of experience within our team. I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day. I'll catch up with you later on. Thank you.

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