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7 Steps of Interior Design at Nu Projects Fulham

Some might think hiring an interior designer is a waste of money; however, getting in touch with an expert has many advantages.

Interior designers not only have an eye to find the best colour scheme and furniture for your home but they are trained to create more thoughtful, more practical spaces.

With their help, you can easily increase the property value by maximising the layout and refurbish your home to a higher finish. Our interior design team follows 7 simple steps to bring out the most of our clients' homes.

1. Getting to know you

Our first step is getting to know you and your lifestyle and your needs and desires to create your perfect home. This includes an initial site visit by our founder, Nicholas Jeffries, and one of the designers, where we discuss the overview of the upcoming project. Next, our team will suggest an interior design package that suits your project the most.

2. Concept

We will provide you with a complete presentation of our concept, ideas, colour scheme, images, floor plans, fabrics and finishes etc. We also offer high-resolution CGI renders to give a clear picture of what your home will look like. At this point, we will provide a realistic estimate of costs, timeline and breakdown of this.

3. Cost

After deciding on the best interior design package, we provide our clients with detailed costs sheets, expected delivery and installation dates and a thorough execution plan.

4. Bespoke Furniture

With an in-house design studio in West London, we also create bespoke furniture to minimise lead times and ensure the most perfect fit and style, in line with our client's needs and aspirations.

5. Artwork

Artworks can be the heart of your home, setting the mood of the rooms. Nu Projects are keen to collaborate with local West London artists to provide our clients with the best art, design, and construction services.

We can source fantastic artwork for your home whether you require something fun, pop art or more classical; we are at hand to consult you on this and incorporate it in your finished design as the icing on the cake.

We are exhibiting the stunning artworks of Maria Mourgue-Aliaj, a London based French artist, in our Fulham High Street office. Learn more about Maria here.

6. Guarantee

During the process, you can be as much involved as you wish. If you want to have a more significant part in the design decisions or if you're going to leave it entirely up to us for a complete turnkey experience, it is always our clients' decision. Either way, our contract always covers a 100% content and satisfying result guarantee.

7. Happy Customer

Our end goal is to keep our customers happy throughout the whole process. Nu Projects of Fulham believe that the key to achieving customer satisfaction is by adding exceptional value while delivering a truly first-class service. That's precisely why we compiled a team of dedicated, talented, and professional experts who are committed to excellence in all they do.

If you are looking for a design and build expert in West London, get in touch with our team. We can assist you with all your architecture, interior design and construction needs.


  1. We get to know you and your lifestyle to provide the best service.

  2. We will provide you with a thorough presentation of our ideas and mood boards, including high-resolution 3D renders.

  3. We will provide our clients with a detailed cost sheet.

  4. In our West London studio, we can create bespoke furniture pieces.

  5. We support local artists who can provide your clients with unique artworks.

  6. Our contract always covers a 100% content and satisfying result guarantee.

  7. We believe that customer satisfaction relies on exceptional value!


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