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Most Popular Home Renovations in London

Home renovations are popular among London residents this year. Spending so much time indoors encouraged many homeowners to refresh their homes.

In fact, 16% of UK homeowners begin a renovation due to recently discovered deterioration or damage. If you have been playing with the thought to start a renovation, but you don't know what part of your home to pick, we gathered the most popular renovations in London.

1. Kitchens

Open-plan kitchens have been the trend for years and years. Homeowners have started to move toward more multifunctional kitchen spaces.

However, future trends show that open-plan kitchens are no longer the most popular solution; dividers and partitions will define internal layouts the following year.

If you want to combine the kitchen with the living space, we recommend picking out a stylish sliding door between the two rooms.

Illustration: Pinterest / Nu Projects London / Pinterest

2. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most frequently used rooms in a home, so it's a top pick for many homeowners for a reason.

Contemporary designs are the most popular ones; simple colour palette, timeless materials, sleek lines.

Bathroom projects by Nu Projects

3. Bedrooms

Ideally, we spend most of our time in our bedrooms, so it's important that we feel homey and safe there.

You can add an extra bedroom to your property through a loft conversion, creating a new ensuite for your growing family or the guests.

Bedroom designs by Nu Projects

4. Living rooms

Living rooms are the space where the family gathers, or we use to relax, so it's essential to feel that hygge. London living rooms have been heavily influenced by Scandinavian design.

However, the clean and toned-down minimalism is taken over by vintage pieces, more texture and colour. Show your personality through the pieces you pick; be unique or upcycle!

Illustration: Pinterest / Nu Projects London / Nu Projects London / Pinterest

We at Nu Projects London offer turnkey design and build solutions in West London. If you need advice on your home renovation project, book a consultation with our design team.


  1. Kitchen renovations are very popular; use a sliding door to separate the kitchen and living space.

  2. Contemporary bathrooms are a popular design choice among London residents.

  3. We spend most of our time at home in our bedrooms; make it as comfortable as possible.

  4. Say goodbye to Scandinavian design, welcome the vintage.



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