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Say Hello to Home Office, 5 Tips from West London interior designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

With the digitalization of the business world, we have seen shrinkage in the actual workspace and size. Employees of the modern corporate world have learned to either split their working times between remote and in-office projects or work totally from their homes. 

The idea behind this concept is simple. Reduce operational costs; foster a productive and collaborative environment and ultimately keep your employees happy.

To achieve these goals, you will need to establish some form of working space in your home. 

Here are some useful tips devised by the experts at Nu Projects that you should keep in mind when you say goodbye to the office and hello to the home office.


When selecting a location or spot for designing your home office, you must keep in mind, that this is the place you will be spending many hours of your day and night. So, do not squish yourself in a tiny space like a closet, free area under the staircase, or any other blind spot in your house that is windowless and stuffy.

"This is the place you will be spending many hours of your day and night.

You should opt for a wide and open space that has less movement of other family members and a minimum level of distractions. Depending on the nature of business or job, you will have to create space for clients, meetings, and presentations.


Establishing a home office means you will be spending hours sitting down in a chair like you would in your office cube. So, to remain comfortable and avoid getting tired easily, select a chair with an ergonomic design, that supports your posture correctly and gives you comfort and convenience both.


Working from home means you will require a desk, shelves, and other office furnishings around you. A good interior designer would choose furniture items that not only fulfil the given function but also add some style to your home. So, the idea is to add items that match the overall décor theme of your house rather than screaming out that we are the odd ones out.