Why You Need An Interior Designer by Natalie Fogelstrom, West London Interior Designer Advice

Interior Designers help you with your budgeting and planning. Hiring an interior designer not only helps you save money; they also help you save your time and effort. An interior designer knows where to go for resources, and anything related to the building of your space. An interior designer saves you time, and time is money. Hiring an interior designer is often seen as a luxury. But it's not only for the rich. It's actually quite common for savvy, cost-conscious homeowners to hire designers because they know that an interior designer can save you money in the long run. And can save you from costly mistakes. When we design for a client, we begin with setting the style and create a mood boar

Bathroom Interior Design Advice from Natalie Fogelstrom, Interior Designer in West London

Whether you want a sanctuary or a wow factor space, read our Interior Design advice and tips for your bathroom space. When designing your new bathroom make sure you get professional help with some high-quality sketches and drawings. It can really make such a big difference to see your design elevated and/or in 3D to allow for a realistic idea of how much space you will have to move around in the room and for any changes otherwise too late to change after it has been built. This is what we refer to as intelligent design. The perfect bathroom is aligning the materials with the architecture and design style of your house. Another good reason to get professional advice here. Invest in new techno

Bespoke Furniture Made in London by Natalie Fogelstrom. West London Interior Designer

At Koja Design we offer bespoke furniture, made in London in our design studio Parsons Green. We make the most exceptional beautiful one-off pieces to suit your home perfectly both in line with you style, personality and fit for the perfect proportions to your space. Custom made furniture can be a viable option if you have specific style requirements and are unable to find the exact designs in readymade furniture. But it also allows for your home to look truly personal and with the most stunning flow of colour schemes and design otherwise tricky to match to perfection with ready-made furniture. This way we can use the same fabric for curtains and cushions as well as beautiful one-off ottoma

Why London's super-rich are busy installing panic rooms. Safe room construction By Nu Projects.

In these uncertain times the super rich in London are protecting their families by installing panic rooms in their homes. This strange bulletproof cube might seem a fictional idea. Yet, demand for these so-called safe rooms is soaring in the capital — not from fearful individuals worried about the ramifications of political careers spilling over, as with Stein’s character, but from super-rich banking families, stalker-scared celebrities, and cash-hoarding foreigners who want an anti-ballistic space to call their own. You’ll probably never hear anyone name-drop their panic room as the Kensington crew do about their triple-storey basements. Still, one prime London agent claims nearly every si

Bring Nature to your home By Natalie Fogelstrom. West London Interior Designer.

Human beings have a subconscious connection with nature that is increasingly being recognised in interior design. Studies show that maintaining this connection can reduce stress and increase feelings of wellbeing. By bringing a bit of nature to your home and/or your workplace/home office by incorporating plants and greenery to your interior design, you are literally increasing your mood. In the modern world, connections with nature are proven to improve mental health and overall wellbeing by boosting mood and reducing stress. Incorporating plants into the home environment can dramatically reduce stress, giving you a return on your investment that keeps on giving. Introducing plants and green

Your Home and Your Wellbeing By Natalie Fogelstrom. West London Interior Designer.

Considering how much time we spend in our home, its vital to ensure this is somewhere you enjoy being. Your home is an extension of your identity, personality and family. And whether we realise it or not, it influences how we think and feel on a daily basis. The home can influence your mood, research studies show that rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial can improve depression and anxiety. Even the architecture impacts the state of people’s mind and mood and the structure and layout of your home has a profound impact on people. Here are a few tips on how to improve your wellbeing by changing a few things in your home and your interior design. Cultivate comfort Invest in comfo

Space saving tips with Natalie Fogelstrom. West London Interior Design.

Are you facing the challenge of limited space in your home? When you live in a small space, fitting in everything you need is difficult. And to make it look nice at the same time is certainly a challenge. How do you cleverly use your space, optimize storage and avoid clutter. If you live in a small flat or have smaller rooms in your home, here are some small space saving design ideas that will improve your space and make it feel so much bigger. Light First of all, light, light and more light! Always make sure you get as much light in as possible to the room. Never block out light to small spaces as this makes the room look smaller. Use Sliding Doors For storage and wardrobes in smaller rooms

Home Office Idea's By Natalie Fogelstrom Interior Designer West London.

In these times of working from home, you might have felt you wish you had invested more in your home office, if you are lucky enough to have one. Your home office can make or break your work day and productivity. Having a space that motivates and inspires you is literally a game changer. Times are changing and the world as we know it might change for a long time, especially when it comes to work and how we conduct it. Even when these challenging times are over, people will have changed their perceptions and may well be making changes to their workdays even when things are “back to normal”. Reducing travelling times and spending a couple of days working from home. And wouldn’t it be lovely to

NU Projects & KOJA Design Studio Collaboration - West London Interior Designer.

We proudly present our exclusive collaboration with renowned West London interior design studio, KOJA Design. KOJA Design specialises in high-end residential & commercial design with vast experience of huge renovations and complete refurb design projects and turnkey speciality. Founder and director Natalie Fogelstrom, carries the same values as us, ensuring we always meet our client’s aspirations, finding solutions in the design scheme and understanding our clients’ needs and lifestyle fully before embarking on each project. With a top-notch bespoke approach, Natalie brings her wealth of knowledge to NU projects team. With qualifications in interior design and almost 2 decades in London and

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