Sustainability in FF&E (furniture, fixture and equipment), sustainable interior tips from West L

Now, as you (the consumer) are becoming more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, the shape of interior designing is also on the verge of changing. All the elements of designing, i.e. the furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) are also being incorporated in such a way as to reflect the concept of environmental protection and awareness. Our close interior design partner, Koja Design strives to introduce you to such designs that have minimal to zero impact on the environment and fall in the eco-friendly category. The best thing is that you don’t need to pick a design or sustainability. We offer both! 4 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability 1. Energy Efficiency Working on the energy and h

How to Decorate Like a Pro, interior decorating tips from luxury interior designer in West London

This year is the year of creativity, revolution and modernization. The world of interior designing is changing daily. Aesthetically pleasing trends are taking over keeping in mind practicality, functionality and comfort. Decorators and remodelers need to have a natural eye to find new designs. So, the focus needs to be on creating inspiring and sophisticated luxury interiors that will make an amazing first impression on the customer to make them go “WOW”. To achieve this, designers can focus on some of the trends that have taken the interior designing world by storm. Read Nu Projects and Koja Designs luxury interior design advices on how to decorate your London home. 5 Trends to Help You Dec

Man Cave: How to Create a Sophisticated Bachelor Pad, tips from West London interior designer, Natal

Generally, bachelor pads have a bad rap to them. When talking about one, you assume an unkempt space with junk everywhere. But no interior designers are bringing the game up a notch with their designing ideas. A man cave should have a very unique, creative and personal touch to it making the owner feel alive. Hence, when designing one, interior designers and remodelers need to make it masculine and trendy, but the demands of the customer have to be kept in mind also, making it fully customized. Even though that is true, some trends are always a hit. 5 Trends to Make a Sophisticated Man Cave 1. Neutral Colors There are some colours which are perceived as feminine. Keep away from those. Interi

WALLPAPER VS. COLOR: How to choose, from West London luxury interior designer

Undoubtedly, being a luxury interior designer you are faced with a very difficult question, i.e. to use wallpaper or color as the prominent design feature in interior designing. The best thing is sometimes you don’t even need to pick one option. The crux of designing is incorporating new ideas. So, to design feature walls you can use both. You can paint three walls and use wallpaper on one to make it stand out and make the room livelier. With the advent of technology, designers at Nu Projects can use paintable wallpapers also to give an amazing touch of creativity and personalization. To decide which of the two amongst wallpaper and paint should be used as a design feature depends on the cli

Colour Schemes: How different colours affect us, from West London interior designer

Interior colours can communicate a powerful message, especially in places where the atmosphere is important. It’s remarkable how colour can affect our mood so intensely, which is why it’s so important to take it into account when thinking about painting your home. How different colours affect us Blue tones Various shades of blue are known to relax the mind and relieve tension. Blue subconsciously reminds us of a clear, tranquil sky or the therapy of the sea. In some cases, shades of blue can suppress your appetite. A funny fact is that if you eat from a blue plate you will actually eat less! Typically relieving stress and anxiety, the colour blue can also seems as a cooler tone to some, so b

Lighting Trends – Shapes, Sizes, Material and What's New

A lighting fixture not only brightens up a room – It lets you create a statement. You can easily manipulate the whole look of the house by just placing the right light at the right spot. No doubt, the LED lighting industry is also evolving with the advent of technology. These advancements have reduced costs and made smart lighting affordable for everyone. Have you ever wondered if your lighting style is up to date or not? See the top trends here to pick out the one which suits your space and translates into your style statement. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. 5 Top Trends in the Market 1. Geometric Shapes Geometric shapes are in this year. Be it furniture or lighting this is one t

Welcome on board: New contract manager joining team Nu

Let us introduce you to our new contract manager, Karel Grobler. Karel joined team Nu in May 2020 and he carries out the delivery role on residential and commercial projects. Karel has considerable experience with project planning, management and delivery of residential units and has extensive knowledge of the construction process in both new build and grade II listed refurbishment projects. We are looking forward to working with him!

How to Declutter, by West London Interior Designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

Decluttering does not only provide aesthetic beauty to the house, but it also gives you peace of mind. Moreover, it acts as therapy for most people. You hardly come across someone who does not have junk lying around. There are so many things you use daily, e.g. school supplies, clothes, toys, your laptop, mail, books, snacks etc. that it seems impossible to be in order all the time. Clutter has been associated with mental stress for a long time. Researchers vouch for a positive relationship between decluttering and your peace of mind. So, let’s see some easy ways to kick start the decluttering process. 5 Tips to Do It Right 1. Make a Plan The best way is to start with a road map. A plan. D

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