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A Perfect Day at Polo in the Park Fulham. Nu Projects design and build.

There's something undeniably magical about spending a day in the sun, surrounded by beautiful people, thrilling sports, and great company. Team NU Projects recently enjoyed experiencing all this and more at Polo in the Park Fulham. With a delightful combination of refreshing drinks, delectable treats, and captivating polo matches, our day out was nothing short of fantastic.

A Spectacular Setting: Polo in the Park Fulham, nestled in the heart of Fulham, provided the perfect backdrop for our day out. The lush green field, vibrant atmosphere, and elegant marquees created an ambience that instantly put everyone in high spirits. It was as if we had entered a different world filled with excitement and sophistication.

Pimm's and Cream Scones: As we settled into our comfortable seats, our attention turned to the delightful refreshments on offer. What better way to savour a sunny afternoon than with a glass of refreshing Pimms? The classic British cocktail was the ideal choice for a day of polo, perfectly complementing the joyous atmosphere and the sun's warmth.

We indulged in a spread of freshly baked cream scones to accompany our drinks. Each bite was a heavenly combination of fluffy scones, dollops of clotted cream, and the sweet tang of strawberry jam. The simple pleasure of these treats heightened the day's enjoyment, providing a much-needed respite from our daily routines.

Thrilling Polo Matches: While the food and drinks set the stage for a beautiful experience, the true highlight of the day was undoubtedly the exciting polo matches. As the professional polo players and their majestic ponies took to the field, we were captivated by their skill, speed, and elegance. The thundering hooves, the swish of mallets, and the cheers from the crowd created an electrifying atmosphere that kept us on the edge of our seats.

Our Interior Design Team's Delight: Kamile and Kinga, our talented interior design team members, found themselves particularly enthralled by the polo matches. Their eyes were drawn to the meticulous coordination between the players and their ponies, marvelling at the harmony between horse and rider. As creative individuals, they appreciated the precision and artistry that went into every move on the field, drawing inspiration from the grace and fluidity of the sport.


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